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Rise above fear – Based on True events.

Statutory warning: This post might remind you about your exam times. For those who are still studying, please do not try this at school/college. Tricks are¬†performed by ‘an expert’.

After completing L.K.G to 5th standard in Sri Sathya Sai Bala Gurukulam (Which is no more called by the same name, as my school was taken over by a new educational group ūüė¶cleardot¬†), It was my first day at¬†a new school in¬†6th standard. I’d 7 subjects (Tamil, English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Studies, G.K)¬†until then and when I’d joined the new school, all that I’d¬†in mind was Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Maths I, Maths II because¬†these subjects are¬†going to be in separate books¬†from¬†6th standard. Never worried about Geography or History as that’s my favorite subject.

Until class 5, I use to get ranks between 1,2 & 3. I remember showing answers to others. One of the greatest moment was I’d helped my friend’s brother who was in class 3, when I was in class2, while sitting next to each other during exam. We used to sit in stairs of our school during exams, the climate in Hosur was always chill so we use to sit in stairs, varanda during exams. The lowest rank I remember that I got was 5. This is until class 5. And that’s the last time I remember I got ranks in single digit in top 5. Haha :)¬†I was so happy in my life until the first mid term exam timetable was circulated in new school. Very first time I was afraid of something. Not just because of so many subjects, it’s because I may not get top ranks :).

Fear in me got increased year after year. Studying for enjoyment and rank (up-to class 5) turned into studying for better mark and good rank. Further it got worst in class 8 and 9. Studying for better mark turned into studying for pass mark for few subjects. And when I was scared about how my marks are going to be in exams, I’d started taking help from friends during exams & I remember I’d even stopped talking to my friend Arulganesh for not showing his answer in exam :).¬†It was just a 2nd mid-term exam during 7th standard. I didn’t talk for a week and that’s not because he had not showed his answers, it’s because he’d advised me in exam hall to write anything I can remember about the answer and not copy. :)¬†Haha…¬†He didn’t¬†realize¬†I would’ve written something if I know it well.

It was during a quarterly exam, I’d decided to come out of¬†fear… Instead of¬†asking friends to show their answers, I started looking at their papers in exam hall and gave them confidence that nothing would happen if they¬†shows answers in exam hall¬†:).¬†Years passed by and I was in 10th standard, Oh god! Back to state board and only 5 subjects, No one would have been happy like in that year. Because after so many years only 5 subjects that I’d to study. And I’m back to form by showing others my answers, It was during my public exam, on Maths exam, I’d completed my paper in ONE HOUR and was planning to double check what I’ve written, when I began to do it, Muralidharan (not a friend, but my class mate) asked me to show my answers, first time i was afraid to show my answer though I wanted to, as it’s exam hall I may be debarred from exam for 3-5 years if caught. Yet, the examiner gestured me as ok to show & I’d shown my answer to him. And in this meantime, I forgot to double check my answer. After I gave the answer sheet to invigilator I’d realized that in an answer instead of writing (x-5) (x+3), I’d written as (x-5)(x-5) because of which I lost 3 marks and missed centum in maths by 3 marks.



Then +1, +2 (11th, 12th) went on little dull & got a decent good marks in final exams. Now in U.G, though subjects were known already, but syllabus were in depth. Marks were like waves and understanding was like graphs :). 3 years passed by & in meantime secured college first mark in Tamil during 3rd semester. After 3 years finally out of college now and joined job. I was so happy for few months that I need not touch books there after. But things were different!!!

GFT – Green Field Training. For initial two months at office, I’d studied like never before. If I score pass mark (70), I’ll leave office as an employee or I’ll be terminated ūüė¶ Two months¬†went with fear about my¬†final result. Whether I will be an employee or not… Finally stayed there as employee¬†:). Months passed by… realized that I need to do a P.G and joined MCA in “toughest university in the Universe or milky way galaxy” (for me) & number one¬†university in India (per govt statistics), IGNOU. My colleagues scared me by saying it’s very tough university, 75% attendance is mandatory and tough evaluation in exams etc… I smiled and said that¬†I’ll manage.

3dfbb7898-1 ¬†Joined MCA now, no fear for exams. :)¬†Came out of all fear and I could breath easy at exam hall though I didn’t know a single question in the paper :)For a subject in 3rd year, I didn’t LITERALLY open or see the question paper. I’d applied all ‘kathukitta vitthai’ (meaning implemented all tricks I’ve learnt throughout these years)¬†with all my prior ‘taking help from friends’ experience, and passed almost all subjects and even viva (will write a separate post about this later) made victory!!!!

It’s not my victory… It’s people’s Victory.¬†:)

A final message to you… Come out of fear… do what your mind says… There is lot of fun waiting.¬†:)

Watch the video below to rise above fear!

Achham thaandi uchham thodu!!!

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