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5 Most irritating text messages!

Do you recall when there was a time when all relatives use to live together people use to wish each other in person, be it someones birthday or a festival or any occasion? 

When people moved to different places this culture changed to letter & when telephone was an affordable accessory at home, we use to call our relatives and friends at their neighbor house telephone even when they didn’t had phone at home?

Then came the pager & then cellphone era with 100 messages per day, we reserved 10 messages to most important person and used remaining messages to send forward messages or normal chat conversation.

And then came this age with WhatsApp! And thats it.

The already disconnected world further disconnected.

Messages changed from personally typing to forward messages only to image forwards to stickers.

Did you notice during the recent occasions like New Year or Pongal that even image forward message was not that trending but the WhatsApp stickers?

Let’s see what this communication evolution has for us in future,

Until then here is the most irritating text messages. 

1. K

Have you ever typed so many words in this small screen, correcting so many typos and looked up for special timing emojis for the text and curiously waited for other persons response and got a K as response?

I really wonder if they have a flight to catch or in so urge to run or fly to wash room or what else could be the super urgent matter that they couldn’t type anything from the alphabets but just K. Its the most easy work with just two letters, why the hell can people not type it fully if not a proper response to messages?

2. 🙂

There is another set of people that I’m not sure if they really understand how a smiley works or what it represents. Out of all smilies they pick the most irritating emoji, a slightly smile face emoji. How in the world do they go around and look for a half smile face when there is clearly a smiley that even makes you smile when you look at it? I assume people do really smile when they send a smiley.

3. 👍 

Yeah. I really feel like breaking that thumb when someone sends it to me as a reply. Just imagine talking to someone in person and as a reply they show you a thumbs up to your face. Come on, really… just imagine it. How did you feel? You being talking to someone in person, face to face and when you expect a reply they show you a thumbs up to your face. I’ll definitely try my best to break that thumb when it dances in front of my face!

Just type some god damn words, you idiots!

4. rofl

I have seen people replying to texts or commenting on posts with a grim face but as rofl, lmao or lol. Why?? if there was no short abbreviations, do you really think people will type laughing my ass off or roll on floor laugh? 

Emojis are meant to show our expressions in texts when you didn’t get a real laugh why fake it?

5. hmm, Tq, gtg, wc, thmh, refl,

This is like K but not ok! “Once upon a time, long long ago, so long ago” when there was number of messages per day limitations and number of characters in text limitations, people used short words for everything in the text and the msg wl b lk ts almst n al msgs. But why the hell now? Now you can even write a movie story or even a blog post in messages & these ancient messengers still didn’t adapt to new world. 

Have you felt any of these as irritating texts anytime? Or do you think there are other most commonly irritating texts other than this? Do let me know in comments. 

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The Winter Palace

As the Holiday season begins, so are the celebrations!

Places are decorated with all their favorite Xmas Trees, Lights, Santa, Snow man and so on.

Here at Saks Fifth Avenue, their building is decorated with the theme ‘The Winter Palace’ for this year’s Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Here is the short video of the spectacular light & music show that happens at every evening. Don’t miss to witness it if you’re visiting NYC.

First few seconds are the Tallest Xmas tree at Rockefeller center.

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A weekend at New York City with Friends

New York City never makes you feel bored. Though I travel to the city daily, everyday, everything looks new. Especially the Times Square at the 42nd street & 7th avenue intersection never make you feel lonely. This is the street where people across the world gathers and enjoys their time. It is referred to as he Crossroads of the World, The Center of the Universe,The heart of The Great White Way, and the “heart of the world”. While writing this blog post I got to know this is the world’s busiest pedestrian intersection.

As it ‘s a long weekend, it’s time to get together especially when my best buddies are in close by states. Praveen had visited Vignesh’s house at Philadelphia from Richmond, VA, together they came to NYC & I’d started from NJ while Sriram had started from Connecticut he had asked me to keep his visit as surprise and for the first time without giving any hint or anything I’d kept it secret until Sriram himself had showed up to the city 🙂


It was a great feel to be with best buddies especially in front of my office 🙂 Just when we went to order food, praveen realized that he had lost the parking ticket 😐 He searched everywhere and couldn’t find it, later Vignesh & I thought to go back to the parking building to check with the attendant on what to do for the lost parking ticket and Praveen was planning to walk back in the same path he went from parking to Bryant park. We were little worried what if someone else picks it and pick the car! When Vignesh and I almost reached the parking building, Praveen had called me & Vignesh, we went back to see what he had found & it is our parking ticket!! What a miracle! In a busiest city, we dropped a parking ticket & it was luckily not picked by anyone! He checked the ticket printed time and the call history to check the time he had called me and made sure that’s our ticket! 😀

haha… finally after picking the ticket, We’ll had the yummy veggie biriyani from the cart at 44th street & 6th avenue. After food we spent time at Bryant park and after a while we started walking to Central park. Wrapping my hands on friends shoulders I walked in the 6th avenue like never before. After a good time at central park, Ejas and his parents came to meet us at the central park and that moment was like a mini family function with all the friends and their family.

IMG_8868 IMG_8890

We had dinner st Bryant park & thought to spend time at times square, just when we were crossing road, Sriram found out that he had missed his Ray ban sunglass! Half the way through the road & we ran back to the table where we were sitting, not even a minute, and the glass is gone! Paavam! His brother gave him the sunglass & he was very sad that he lost it! Who won’t be sad?! Morning the parking ticket was still left in the street for more than 45 minutes! And now not even a minute and it’s gone! So if you loose any paper in road, you can be sure that you will get it if you follow the same path provided wind blow is less 😀

Vikky and his family started back to PA and Ejas and his family started back, Sriram, Praveen and I had roamed a while post 10 PM and enjoyed the Godiva ice cream from Godiva showroom at 50th street at RockeFeller center, as our car moved through the streets of Times Square like a snail visit to the city on day 1 got over & we reached my home at 23:45

IMG_8902 IMG_8906 IMG_8912

Day 2 started with visit to the icon of Wall street, Wall Street Bull through the Subway of New York in which Praveen was very eager to travel from the time he had arrived. We took the number 2 train from the Times Square 42nd street station after spending sometime at Times Square and reached Wall Street shortly after boarding. To my surprise the Bull looked like Bullsh*t 😀 The color was faded out as comparing to my previous visit. Only the face of bull had it’s bronze color and rest were of multiple fade colors.

We’d noticed a pizza shop while having donut at Dunkin Donut & had lunch at the pizza shop just to fill up stomach as our next visit would take few hours at the next place we were about to visit, bought a water bottle from a cart for $2 (!!!) which was $1.5 at the pizza shop, I thought the shop is selling it with more price as it use to be $1 in the carts near my office at Times Square, but the carts near ferry terminal sells it for more price. We then started walking to Staten Island ferry white hall Terminal to catch ferry to Statue of Liberty. As we were waiting to cross the road a M15 bus that crossed us reminded Praveen about the M15 bus that goes from Mylapore to Pallikkaranai in Chennai 🙂

Think it as 1983! (If it was me, I would say think it as 1988!)

Talk to friends & think it as 1983! (If it was me, I would say think it as 1988!)

As we crossed the road there was a guy who showed his ID and asked us if he can help us to plan our visit to SoL & few other places. There was two ferries, one was water taxi & other was a private cruise (Hornblower). As I’ve seen several deals & coupons for a lesser price than he had said I was not sure whether to go with this guy or not and I’d called Ejas and checked with him about how he had visited the previous day. I’d shown my mobile to that person and said see it’s $17 and not $31. He said ‘OK go ahead and book that… I’m sure you’re going to get trouble (smiles!!) 😀 Sriram and Praveen were sitting on a bench and were looking at me. We were discussing whether to go for this guys ticket or.. or nothing as we didn’t have other plan ready yet! Silently I’d noticed that the deal I showed to that guy was not available 😀 😀 also realized that Sriram too had mentioned it to me when I showed the mobile to him.

He came to us again and said ‘See man I can give you offer up to $25 (!!) but if you have decided to go with your mobile thing, I’m sure you’re going to get trouble getting the tickets’ etc… We thought he would come down with price again but he didn’t come back for a while, then we’d decided to get in to the terminal and get tickets on our own & started walking, he said alright see you 😀 As Praveen and Sriram are kind heart person and this guy looked paavam (innocent) we planned to get the tickets from him. He then took us to someone and charged $5 more for something he said must be service charge or something. He gave the tickets and showed a place which was 0.7 miles from there… haha 😀 we were little worried whether the ticket was valid!! I could recognize the boarding place (Hornblower Cruises) as I’ve already been in the same Cruise on New Year night. Only difference it is that the ticket price was $120 on New Year night (with unlimited food & drinks) and it was $25 this time.

Finally we’d boarded the cruise and directly went to terrace of the cruise by the time we reached the terrace the chairs have been occupied. But that wasn’t necessary for us, we stood at rear side of the terrace and it was a good view. The cruise started at 3:40 which was supposed to start at 3:30, in a 10-15 mins our cruise went near the Statue of Liberty, it was gigantic and standing tall! I was glad I’d visited it the same way I’d imagined! We didn’t choose a visit to get down at the Liberty Island as that would take us several hours since it was a long weekend!

IMG_9016 IMG_9024

After a stop near  Statue of Liberty the cruise went the same way back and went near the Brooklyn bridge, which we could see very well while waiting in the queue to board the cruise, just a small difference that we went little closer and were able to see the view from beneath the bridge. 😀 😀 And… yeah and that it!!! It’s not even 1 hour, it was just a 35-40 mins and the cruise came back to shore, the guy who sold ticket said it’s a 1 hour ride & it’s not even 1 full hour including the time we stood in queue to on board & off-board from the cruise! Since we’d visited the SoL & Brooklyn bridge and had few other places to visit, we didn’t take it seriously and didn’t think about it much later. (May be this is how all tourists are being cheated?!!)

IMG_9026 IMG_9027 IMG_9053

We then had planned to visit 9/11 memorial and One World Observatory (Which I’d been planning since May when it was opened). We walked for 15 minutes to the 9/11 memorial which was the convenient way to commute from Pier 15, as we reached we could see a huge crowd. We spent few minutes near the fountain and then moved to the observatory. As I couldn’t find any coupon or deal for the ticket, we got the tickets with actual price $31 and entered the building.

As we entered the building there was a usual way of security check and then a queue to enter the building. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to enter the lift that carries us to the 102nd floor. As the lift was closed, the walls of lift is a high definition display that had a great video as the lift started from ground floor and reached the 102nd floor. As the lift started the experience was like the lift started from beneath a river and as the lift goes up, a time-lapse was played which showed the transformation of New York city from the olden days till 2015. And when we were about to reach the 102nd floor, I felt like the lift is going in  sideways in a construction building we have seen in many movies including the main scenes in ‘Cube’ movie.

Just discovered that there is a different video for Night view

We got out of the lift and were eager to see the view of New York from the Tallest building in Northern Hemisphere. There was a presentation video over the walls of 102nd floor in a panoramic view, post presentation the card board screen was scrolled up and the view of the outside was shown! Wow! It was great that moment! Immediately it was closed and were asked to enter another room which they call Observatory hall, as we enter there we were asked to move a level down which is 100th floor, not sure where did 101 go!! Never seen a place which you visit thinking tallest building and they send us a few floors down??!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we walked down people used escalator to go down, since it’s summer and the sun sets very late, being at the top the sun glare was very high as it was reflected by the Hudson river water. Without a sunglass it would be very tough to enjoy the outside view. As it’s a closed top (not like Empire State Building & other tallest building in New York) and covered by glass, we could see the view with others prints of the world(??!)… yeah! All the finger prints of the visitors were on the glass that covers the 100th floor, it wasn’t clean! The glass wasn’t anti glare, there is a big gap in 102nd floor (which is design!!!) through which you can see the 100th floor, people might accidentally drop camera, mobile or any valuables.

There was a Sky portal where people can step on to a 14-foot wide disc that delivers real-time HD footage of the streets which was utter waste! Not clean and not anti glare, due to sun rays nothing was visible (it should look like the one in the image below, but nothing was visible when we were there!) Spent sometime there and took pictures, which didn’t look like taken from a tallest building at all 😀 While coming down in lift there was another video that was played and it was good, the bad was the thick line that spoils the display!!!

A 4 Billion building and don’t know why can’t they make a frameless display! From a few decades ago there are large displays that are used just for advertisement and bill boards in Times Square, they could have used it! I felt Empire State Building was the best!  Came down and rested for few mins near 9/11 memorial again and boarded a subway to go back to uptown. Finished the day with a good dinner at Chennai garden, walked till bus terminal and visited Grand central station and then & headed back home & Sriram had started back home. Reached home at 00:15 by Lakeland bus!

Started back to NYC on day 3 (today) as Praveen has to catch train at 3 PM, we reached NYC for lunch and bought veggie biriyani from the cart on same street that we had on day 1 & had lunch at Bryant park. Praveen started to Richmond from Penn station and I’d headed back to bus stand to catch my 3:30 bus after he boarded train! Now back home and cherishing the moments while I’m writing this (smiling)!

Look out for next post if you’d liked this!


Dial 1 for Happiness :)

Eeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂 This is how I smile whenever I think about the moments I’d enjoyed since my childhood 🙂 I know for sure my first smile must be when I looked at my parents 🙂 Every toys my parents had bought for me had made me happy. At childhood skipping studies and going out with parents  is what made me smile. I can remember the streets with very few vehicles but more people and lots of shops with are always crowded. It makes one to feel happy when there are lot of people whether we know them or not.

At childhood 3:25 PM was my happy hour 😀 Because that is the exact time my school bell rings to mark the end of last hour. It had bring smile all over my face the moment the outdoor air touched my face when I’d left class 🙂 I can imagine the day when I’d carried my school bag upside down at my back and a stranger corrected me 🙂 And the moment after I reach home, first thing I use to do is changing dress, freshen up and drink Bonus and then hit the streets with friends. The happy hours use to continue until I hear my mom’s sound from balcony, ‘dai… come and study, enough playing for the day’ 😦 😀 And the happiness had continued while keeping books in hands and sitting next to my sister and playing with her and talking to her while mom was at kitchen and when mom asks from kitchen ‘why are you calm, study loudly’ I use to read a few lines loudly and then back to playing with sister 😀

When my mom can no longer handle me at home and admitted me at a tuition, I was very sad at the beginning but later discovered that’s more fun, because there were more kids like me at tuition and when they are my age how can we study without play 😀 It was always a thrilling moment when I use to discuss with my friends at tuition without letting my tuition teacher notice me talking to my friends that I show gestures to my friends and call them outside 😀 One by one we slowly show the little finger and ask shall I go meeees (miss)? and haha what can she say except yes go? Those 10, sometimes 15 minutes break out of 3 hours tuition was the first bunk I’d ever done 😀 And I use to play or chase some dogs for which we are not afraid of and some dogs that had chased my for which I’m afraid of are the moments that I can never forget 😀

Toilet breaks were always a greater time for boys while studying at tuition and school 😀 The artistic and athletic talents can bee seen at toilet walls in upper kinder garden onwards 😀



Boys Peeing into Chamber Pots


The PT (Physical Entertainment) period day was always a smile generating day and such a fun filled hour on a school hour. When we start from class to ground when kids at other class looks at us the ‘veeeeee’ face expression with dancing head with twisted tongue had given happiness more than the PT hour itself 😀

The annual exam holidays spent at relatives house and the time spent with cousins were the best moments 🙂 Getting prepared to go to relatives house even before preparing for exams itself was always fun 😀 Now when I spend time with my niece and nephew… hahaha there couldn’t be a best moment than when the kids jump on me and pinch my cheeks and do whatever they want to do to me and enjoy and playing with them would be the happiest moments 🙂 🙂

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Similar to the break taken during tuition now taking time off from work and playing and taking pics at office is always fun and memorable 🙂

After all the busy weekdays playing games and meeting friends in the name of game had always gave happiness to me 🙂 The fun play which turns seriously and takes a U turn and becomes fun game again.. Such a wonderful moments with friends teasing each other and distract from game, riding bicycle like the good old childhood days  and the chatting hours after game at our railway station were the happiest moments which no other place can give 🙂 🙂


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Going out with dad in scooter just by choosing a random direction for 20 kilometers and drink tender coconut on return was the happiest on all weekends 🙂 Recently, When I was looking at my school group photo which was taken 20 years ago, I thought to see my friends as they look today in the same photo and the result is this 🙂 🙂


My school group photo 🙂


The same group now 🙂 Many are not in touch and not in FB too!

Being away from home, now the happy hours are the time I speak with my best friend and with my parents. I always dial 1 for happiness which is speed dial to my home 🙂


Together for 48 hours after 48 months

It was on the second day after I’d joined college I sat in first bench. I couldn’t turn back when to hit him back when Ananth use to pinch my ears from third bench 😀  I was sitting in right corner of the bench so that I can look outside the window (but I didn’t do it, will tell you later why). It was Praveen, Vignesh, Mouli & I were occupying the first bench.

It’s not even the third day after the commencement of college and we started imitating our lecturers who are even yet to know our names. This made everyone in my class to mingle with each other soon. Even a 5 minutes gap after the lecturer leave the class was a pen game time. Two benches will jump in for the Pen game and chalk fight will go on in other side of class in parallel. It was during our HOD’s class hour our class did a mass bunk and went to marina beach and played Kabadi and spent awesome time at beach. As none of us had camera mobile at that time we were able to enjoy the time at beach fully and now I’m sure this post will remind that evening to my friends.


I use to spend most of my weekends at Vignesh house and Praveen’s house and enjoy the home food and spend time playing NFS and by watching movies. It was in Vignesh house that I’d watched three movies continuously and slept when everyone was about to wake up. Sundar, Vignesh and I had watched a thriller (FInal Destination) followed by a ghost movie, all of a sudden there was a sound near our window.. We were absolutely calm and just laughed after few mins… We then watched Mr.Bean’s Holidays to free up mind from ghost thoughts and the clocked 5:30 AM when the movie was over.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Years passed by and we started getting campus interview at our college. Praveen & Vignesh got placement at Patni in initial few weeks after the campus interview started.  It was almost the last company that we all attended together in our campus and 10 of us got placement in Accenture including me, Praveen & Vignesh. After college was over I moved to my native and waited for the call letter to join and we were asked to join in Bangalore on 19th may.

I was so happy that we three was placed in same location. We have joined and took house for rent in Bangalore, brook field. The initial two months during our training was a thriller duration, because of the frequent test we had during the training. As I was thinking we are going to be together, I got my first project in Pune even though I had responded like below

Caller (Manish): Am I talking to Bhargav?

Me: yes…

Manish: Are you ready to relocate to Pune?

Me: No…

Manish: Are you willing to work in shifts?

Me: No…

Manish: Have you got training on Weblogic, Tuxedo, Database?

Me: No…

Manish: Thank you.

Me: Thank you.

I came back to Vignesh, Praveen & said ‘hey I said no for the relocation’ da 🙂 🙂 So I’m going to be here in Bangalore with you guys. Went home happily after the end of day. As I logged in to the computer the next day in office, the first email that I’d received was ‘You’re hard locked to our project and you manager is this person and you should report in Pune office on June 16’. 😦 I was confused whether all my ‘No’ was heard by Manish as ‘Yes’. But no other go I’d moved to Pune and spent 15 months.

Then I got a chance to come back to Bangalore as my project got over 🙂 I came back again to Bangalore in 2009 and joined with Praveen & Vignesh again. I was so happy to be back again with new room mates Sathish, Ejas, Ashy, Libin & Kenny. After another 15 months everyone got transferred to Chennai and only Libin and I’d remained in Bangalore.

4  years passed since my friends had moved to Chennai & I came to US for a short time a few months back. To my surprise Vignesh’s client location too is 3 hour travel distance from my place 🙂 We’d planned to meet and decided to visit Atlanta to meet Ejas & Ashy. So We’d booked ticket in bus from New York & finally we met after a long time. He came to my house the day before our bus departure and we spent time together after 4 years and all the time until we reached Atlanta was spent talking & laughing. It was after 4 years we got  time to spend 48 hours together & that will sure bring a smile in me when I think about that. 🙂