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Arachu vitta Vengaya Sambhar / Grinded Onion Sambhar

Vengaya sambhar is one of my favorite sambhar variety. 🙂 It use to be our sambhar variety on Sundays in my childhood until l went out of hometown for my studies. After a long time I felt like eating this particular sambhar and thought to prepare it. I had asked my sister to send me the recipe and got it immediately with my mom’s recorded whatsapp voice message.

So, if you want to try the most tasty vengaya sambhar here is the method to prepare it.


3-4 Onions, Yellow Lentil, Split Bengal Gram, Black Gram, 4-6 Red Chillies, Grated coconut, Tamarind, Coriander seeds, mustard, fenugreek.

Preparation steps:

1. Steam half tumbler (or a cup) Yellow lentil for upto 5-6 whistles in pressure cooker.

2. Soak tamarind 15 before cooking begins

3. Saute the split bengal gram, black gram, red chillies (cut it to into pieces), coriander seeds (if coriander seeds are not available use coriander powder), grated coconut together until it turns brownish.

4. Grind it all with some water added

5. Cut onions into thin slices

6. Heat a pan with oil and saute mustard, fenugreek & add the cut onions

7, Stir it until onion color turns yellow

8. Add the tamarind water + add more water to the needed sambhar quantity & add required salt

9. Add the steamed yellow lentil and the grinded items to the pan

10. Boil it for 15-20 minutes

11. Sambhar ready! 🙂

Here is the preparation video of the above dish…

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Tomato Koottu / Thakkali Koottu

Thakkali (Tomato) Koottu is one of my favorite dishes from my Mom. Though I like every single dish my mom prepares, this one is always my special dish. I’d asked my sister to let me know the recipe and she had sent a recorded voice message from my mom and sent me in whatsapp! haha… If this had happened two years ago I might have talked in favor of gadgets in Neeya Naana (a Tamil talk show) in which I’d actually spoken against gadgets. 😀

As I didn’t cook beyond five standard dishes with slight variations, I’d decided it’s high time for me to try something new and so is this Koottu 😀 It will take 45 minutes to cook it. Here is the recipe, if you like to give it a try!

Necessary items:

1. Tomato (6-8 depends on size of Tomato and number of people) – I used 8 tomatoes for a count of 4.

2. Kadalai paruppu (Bengal Gram)

3. Payatham paruppu or Paasi Paruppu (Green Gram )

4. Uluttham paruppu (Black Gram)

5. Curry Leaves, Chilly, Coriander Leaves, Mustard, grated coconut

Pre-Cooking steps:

1. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces

2. Steam Bengal gram and Green gram together in pressure cooker upto 6 whistles

Cooking steps:

3. Saute Mustard, chilly (cut it small), curry leaves, bengal gram and black gram until it turns brown

4. Mix the cut tomato in pan with the above and stir it frequently for 15-20 minutes until the fresh tomato smell fades away

5. Add necessary salt, little turmeric & a tea spoon of Sambhar powder

6. Once fresh tomato smell has gone, mix the steamed bengal & green gram in the pan and stir it

7. Add grated coconut and coriander leaves (if not readily available it’s ok to skip coriander leaves) and stir for 5 minutes.

8. oh! that’s it… only 5 steps to cook.

9. Comment here after you’d tried it 🙂

It came very well for me and it tasted just like my mom’s preparation 🙂

Check out this video as well 🙂