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Khuljaye Bachpan – bonding moments

The memories about my childhood always brings about how briskful I was in my childhood. I do not remember the time when I was idle at home & doing nothing coz of my naughtiness and the periodic lessons learnt from my parents.

During my school days, As I come from school, I used to throw my bag aside and get ready to play with my friends. We use to play from 4’o clock till 7’o clock and then on we can able to hear every kids name being called by their parents 😀 And then comes the sound ‘Raajuuuuu’ from my mom, ‘amma fiveeeee minutes maaa’ – I use to shout from the street.

I remember the day I went to our usual grocery store with my mom to buy Kelloggs Cornflakes. As soon as we reached J.K Store, I’d asked Annacchi for cornflakes, he took a big box (it looked big for me then!) I asked him about the car which comes along with the corn flakes for free, he said it is inside the pack. Then before seeing the car, the hen image was on the cornflakes box, as a kid I was shocked and asked him, annacchi… is this veg or non-veg? Why does it have hen image in it? He laughed and said it is veg and doesn’t know why it has that image of hen. My mom touched my head and said good boy, this is how you should check what you are buying and should not buy things without questioning. I was so happy that I got a car and was very eager to go home to open the package and play with that.


When all my classmates went for a excursion from my school (Sri Sathya Sai Bala Gurukulam) to Jain farms which is near my hometown, Hosur. I was not able to go because of the fees when I think about it now, without being strict or without scolding my my parents made me realize about our situation and made me not even to worry about missing an excursion, at the same time, after few weeks when group photo event was announced in my school, I thought I may not take it, but my mom said to me, this is a life time moment, this time of your life will never come back to you and have me 25 rupees for the photo.


Able to find me? Second from the top, next to the motta boss 😀

On Wednesdays when I go to M.G.R market with my mom, as a kid I have got scared sometimes when my mom bargains, but guess what? I have never bought anything without bargaining ever since I’d started going to markets and cloth shops alone and with my friends and made my friend Manju scared of my bargaining 😀

The day when my mom gave me 1 rupee for rental cycle to learn to ride cycle, the day I taught my sister to ride scooter, the encouraging nature of my parents to send me out with my friends to Goa! when I was still studying in college and later to Andaman when I started working, never stopped me from doing what I’d loved to do at the same time I have never disappointed my parents by misusing the freedom they gave me. I don’t know if parents of this modern age can be like them, as it was love and affection that had created the bonding relationship and not the money or things they have got for us in our childhood.

On weekdays I go out with my dad with no idea where we were heading to, while going in scooter we’ll decide which direction to go and randomly pick a direction saying, hmm.. last week we went in Bangalore route, let’s take some other road today & we head for 20 kms and come back & find a tender coconut selling person at a good tree shaded place and enjoy the tender coconut, anything we had planned to do in that week will be decided while we ride the scooter and headed back home.

My parents were always a good friend for me till now and I realize it more when I’m staying away from them now. I really want to get back to home sooooooooon to spend time with them.

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The Blogger memes that I’d enjoyed laughing.

Just when I was thinking to write about being together and felt like my mind is blank 😀  Checked in Google to see if there is any meme that suits my situation and I didn’t realize I’d spent 30 minutes enjoying various blogger meme 😀

So sharing here few meme which I think will suit other bloggers as well 😀

Yeah! This is is how I’ve started this post 😀


When you’re done blogging and get ready to share it in social media 😀


After all the struggle when some idea hits your mind and when you finally plan to write & all of a sudden your whatsapp groups gets active!!! This is I feel to say (But can’t many times 😛 )


The best ever thought generating position to write a blog 😀 😀


When I visit a place during a trip to enjoy the place & when my friends think I’m observing everything to write, what I actually do? 😉 🙂


When my sis or friend introduces to someone saying ‘He writes blogs’ and the immediate expression from the new person is this for sure 😀


When someone texts us saying read our blog, I’m sure this is how inner mind kindles us to think 😀


Just when you write something good out of blue and don’t hear anything from the loyal readers.. Oh! people!!! Why you no read?? 😀 😀


And yeah! I think so sometimes for my satisfaction 😛 😉


Oh! no… Don’t make me do this now 😀 😀



Evil Smell taken down by Holy Water!

Once upon a time in India, Trilok Nath a King lived with great pride. All his men loved him so much for his brave and courage and Witty character. He lived a great life with his wife. His state was very wealthy and people lived a happy life.

On a fine summer morning his wife gave birth to baby boy. The baby was very beautiful. Since the baby was born, he had not cried nor smiled. The palace doctor Vig Dijay Nath was very surprised to see this and told the king your son is going to be very strong in administering our state and wished the Queen and left the palace with many prizes that the king had offered him.

Four years passed by…

On a hot sunny day, the little prince went to a water falls near palace with his little friends. While enjoying the bath the little prince felt some irritation at his back and could’t continue to bath anymore and went back home. The palace doctor Vig Dijay Nath rushed to palace as per the King’s order to check his little son. After examining the little prince, the doctor said these are sore that was caused by the force of the water and gave some green grass to squeeze and put it at his back daily until it is cured.

The palace doctor said to King, there is one important thing that I should say. I’m scared you might punish me if I say so. ‘Hahaha’ laughed the King Trilok nath! Don’t worry Vig Dijay… I’ll not punish you. I respect my country men and doctors he said. With little hesitation the doctor said until this sore is cured, the prince should not bath. I’m not sure how many days it’ll take to recover. The king put his hand on doctor’s shoulder and laughed again. Shouted ‘Who is there’ few palace guards rushed in… asked them to take this doctor to Nalanda University to identify a cure that will immediately his son.

Conversation between King & Prince

Conversation between King & Prince

Days passed by, it’s been few weeks since the little prince bathed. His friends hesitated to come near him. The little prince went to his parents and cried for first time and said my friends are not coming near me as I haven’t bathed. Please do something so that they will play with me. The king thought for a while and passed an order to his people. The order was ‘No one in the town should bath until further notice’. Message was read out through public relation workers in all streets in town.

Public Relation Officer from Palace.

Public Relation Officer from Palace.

The king also said I’ve a spy in every house they are so loyal to me & I’ll get to know if anyone takes bath. He also deployed some guards near the water falls so that no one can bath. The town started to smell bad! As the little prince was getting recovered, people who couldn’t bare the smell called it an ‘Evil Smell’ meanwhile the King, to avoid any embarrassment among his people named his town as ‘Ganjirali’ (Meaning, Town with pleasant smell)

The turning point!

Worried by their bad smell, Rameshawardan,  Sureshawardan the twin brothers who were friends of prince and sons of the palace gardener, decided to bath. They thought how to bath without making water sound so that no one can hear them bathing. An idea hit his mind when Rameshawardan was chewing some sweet! He rushed to his store room and picked one of the water pots and went to the falls to fill water, guards thought they are taking water to garden. As kids the twin brother took bath together through the water pot which didn’t make any sound. They felt very happy!

Water Pots at twin brothers store room

Water Pots at twin brothers store room

King came to know about this boys who took bath! Ordered his men to bring the kids. The brave kids said to the King that it’s a holy water and demonstrated how they took bath without making water sound. Kids said to King we pour water in this and plants grow with fresh leaves, if we take bath using this daily we will get shiny skin. The prince took the water pots and rushed to bath! As he took bath after so many days, he liked the smooth flow of water to his back which didn’t cause pain to his sore, he liked this invention by his friends very much. He thought if he take shower using this daily, his sore will be cured quickly.

Moved by this invention the little prince got some gold coins from his father and gave it to his friends to celebrate! Then he told his gather to send a notice to town saying ‘Buy Water pots, call it as Water Shower… Take bath twice a day! Let the Holy water take down the Evil Smell’..! As the little prince goes on dictating the public notice to PRO, The King saw that proudly and reminded the words of his palace doctor and asked the guards to bring the doctor back from Nalanda.

People started to use the water pots, some heated the water pots for a hot water shower & everyone lived happily! :)

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 What’s the smell, Boss?