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Grace-Ful ICE – Sea Life

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We all have been hearing “Winter is here” from Season 1 and finally in Season 7 winter arrived!!! That’s in series… so is in real! Winter is arrived in 2017! And so are the winter friendly events.

If you’re following my blog you may very well remember the Ice Sculpting event, I’ve been sharing the photos of this event for the past 3 years.

2016 – Grace-ful Ice: Safari
2015 – Dinosaurs – Graceful Ice 2015

2014 – Microcosmos – Ice Sculpture

After the past themes that are Microcosmos, Dinosaurs, Animal Safari… here is the Ice bergs that got the shape of Sea Life by the Okamoto Studio artists. If you are in NYC today, hurry up, you have another few hours to see these sculptures before it melts. If not don’t worry, check out Okamoto Studio in Facebook for their future schedules for this Winter.

Without further wait, here are the photos that I took during Sea Life – Grace-Ful ICE






Checkout all the photos in this slideshow.

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Click on individual photo in the below thumbnail to see in full screen.


My wife and I took a selfie with Thomas. He is a live performer at Okamoto Studio and they’ve been doing the Ice sculpting since past seven years.


The Blogger memes that I’d enjoyed laughing.

Just when I was thinking to write about being together and felt like my mind is blank 😀  Checked in Google to see if there is any meme that suits my situation and I didn’t realize I’d spent 30 minutes enjoying various blogger meme 😀

So sharing here few meme which I think will suit other bloggers as well 😀

Yeah! This is is how I’ve started this post 😀


When you’re done blogging and get ready to share it in social media 😀


After all the struggle when some idea hits your mind and when you finally plan to write & all of a sudden your whatsapp groups gets active!!! This is I feel to say (But can’t many times 😛 )


The best ever thought generating position to write a blog 😀 😀


When I visit a place during a trip to enjoy the place & when my friends think I’m observing everything to write, what I actually do? 😉 🙂


When my sis or friend introduces to someone saying ‘He writes blogs’ and the immediate expression from the new person is this for sure 😀


When someone texts us saying read our blog, I’m sure this is how inner mind kindles us to think 😀


Just when you write something good out of blue and don’t hear anything from the loyal readers.. Oh! people!!! Why you no read?? 😀 😀


And yeah! I think so sometimes for my satisfaction 😛 😉


Oh! no… Don’t make me do this now 😀 😀