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Dinosaurs – Graceful Ice 2015

You may very well remember Ice Sculpture – Microcosmos photos that I’ve shared last year. This year the theme was Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park movie is what I could recall when I looked at the notice last week.

The sad part about the Ice carving this year is the weather 😦 Last year the weather was so cold that the ice carvings lasted for two nights! But this year due to warm weather, the ice carvings melted overnight and many people couldn’t see the carvings!

The Okamoto Studio artists did a great job as they did last year! Here are the photos of the Dinosaurs, people were so happy about this event and I could see from the way people showed eagerness to watch this event that age doesn’t have a limit to enjoy watching the Dinosaurs and to get excitement!

These pics were taken using my mobile, so keep the expectations low and enjoy the pics & a short video too 🙂

Click on images to view in full screen 🙂


View from top!

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Day 2 night! The last one that stood still!


2015 International Auto Show – New York

As it’s beginning of the spring season there are lot of events happening in New York. One such event is International Auto Expo. It’s happening from April 3 – 12, 2015. I’d visited Javits center on 4/4 to experience the NYIAS. As it was 2nd day of the event also a Saturday, it was heavily crowded and there were a big queue for all the virtual tours, games and all fun events.

Here are the photos & video clips I’ve taken at this event, you may need to click on some pics to view it in full size. Check out the short time-lapse video too. And yes, photos may not look like magazine covers due to the crowd 😀 and these pics are taken in mobile. Plan to attend and enjoy the event if you are in city.










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