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BM101 Mini Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

I’d bought a new mini wireless Bluetooth speaker. I’d ordered it through Touch of Modern website and I used their mobile application to order this item. I was just surfing their app and found lots of new gadgets. When you want to gift your friends and family this is a best site to look for different gadgets.

When I’d placed the order the order confirmation said it will reach me in 11-18 days which I thought was very long time, yet I’d ordered as I was not in hurry. But to my surprise I’d received the item in a week.

It’s a simple package & the pack included mini speaker and the data cable (no adapter) to charge. Sound of this speaker is really awesome and it can fill a big room! Here are the pics and video of this mini speaker.

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V-Day with Asus Zenfone

Every year the month February brings in lot of happiness for many and sadness for some people. We always think Valentine’s Day is only when we have a boy/girl friend to go cherish the day. But It’s not just about having boy/girl friend. It’s lot more than that.

There is nothing to be saddened if one doesn’t have a Valentine on V-day; The love in Dad’s strictness when we reach home – ‘Why are you late? Be careful when you’re out at late hours’ & The affection Mother shows after you enter house – ‘Did you had proper food outside or not? I know you would have had some junk food, Wash your hands and plate, let me serve you food’ & the caring words from sister consoling you by saying that ‘mom and dad does everything for your own good so listen to their advice’, More over the love & affection from the best friend who stands with us all time… Until one have these caring people with them, one need not worry about Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to me, My Valentine is special…

She is slim, sleek, colorful, I can feel what others can’t feel, I can see what others can’t see, I can do what others can’t do! Hey!!! Wait… Wait…

I’m talking about the beauty of Asus Zenfone.

You can't take your eyes off from the beauty of Asus Zenfone the whole day!

You can’t take your eyes off from the beauty of Asus Zenfone the whole day! PC: YouTube (Lotus Five Star DVD). Editing: Bhargav Kesavan.

Colorful models, perfect designs, Long lasting battery, Best performance, 6″ HD Display, 13 MP HD Camera, 5 Element optical lens & what not? I can keep describing the whole day, why this phone can be my Valentine.

The Asus Zenfone has various models that the price starts from 5, 299/- The 42 Mbps network speed up to which Zenfone supports is a truly wonderful experience for watching movies in beat display & the battery life that it supports will keep you watching movie after movie! Make sure you have a best data plan in market 😉

A day is not complete without chatting with your best buddies when you can’t meet them, being at home network or at roaming network, with the dual SIM I’m always connected with friends from one or other network connection. A perfect mobile is when it has got all the best features which I have it in Asus Zenfone.

Valentine day comes once in a year, but with my Asus Zenfone, it’s V-day for me throughout the year.

So what are you waiting for? Watch this beautiful #UnconditionalLove video and plan your Valentine 😉

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Whatsapp vs Telegram

Today, the less feature that’s used in our mobile is SMS. If you’ve 500 SMS/Month, 400 will be unused end of the month.

No more forward messages are sent in SMS these days. Only fwd images & videos, it’s all sent using various apps.

One of the applications that is widely used is Whatsapp.

Though this application is used by 500 Million users, due to frequent updates users started finding an alternate application with similar features.

Here is a comparison between Whatsapp and a next widely used & growing application Telegram.

After using Telegram for a month, I find this difference between these applications.
Whatsapp vs Telegram


Features WhatsApp Telegram
Headquarters California, U.S.A Berlin, Germany
GUI Looks good Looks good
Display Pic Just viewable You can zoom & View the user display picture
Status Message 139 characters NA
Last Seen Time You can choose your privacy Viewable
Contacts Name Your contacts name in memory will reflect here You can rename your contacts name locally for Telegram
Notification Tone Common tone for all (Individual contact), Common tone for all groups. You can assign tones for individual contacts
Mute? Mute is applicable only to group, 8 hours, 1 day or 1 week. You can mute individual contacts as well.
Notifications You can disable notifications only groups You can disable either direct messages, group messages or both.
Message delivery? Single tick when it’s sent from your device, double tick if it’s delivered. Double tick with blue color means message read by recipient. Long press on your message to see who all have read in a group. Single tick if sent, double tick ONLY when if your message is opened!
 Downloads Images/Videos are saved in gallery. Will be available only in chat until you save it to gallery, this way it won’t flood your gallery.
 Share Images, Audio, Video, Location, Contacts. Images, Audio, Video, Documents
Online status? You’ll have to manually check last seen time to know who is online or at least guess who is online Clearly shows how many are online in group chat
Contact Joined You need to manually refresh & it is difficult to find who has joined newly. You’ll get contact joined Telegram notification once your contact installs Telegram.
Who is typing? You’ll never know who is typing in group chat unless you receive a message! Some might start typing and delete text without sending! Shows multiple users name in group chat who is typing. You can catch there if you don’t receive a message from them 😀
Font Size According to mobile settings. You can increase/decrease only to Telegram.
Secret Chat NA Yes. You can initiate a secret chat with a friend who is online. Your messages will not be saved on Telegram’s server. They assure 200% encryption of messages. Messages in secret chat cannot be forwarded (Though there is option to copy the text.) You can also initiate a self-destructive chat for 2 secs, 5 secs, 5 mins etc… the messages sent after choosing the time will be deleted from both sender & receiver’s device after the receiver had read the message
Purchase Need to buy 1 year extension after Facebook had bought WhatsApp. Lifetime free.
Support? NA Online chat support with technical team is available (I’ve tried & used it.)


Moto g and my voice.

I was watching a movie ‘her’ today morning and the very first 15 minutes of the movie gave me a pinch. I thought  that i should write a blog without I have to type. And so is this post.

I’m posting this just to explain how my voice command in my moto g works. I have repeated several words during this post, most of the time it recognised greatly.

I never thought blogging will be so easy using my new mobile. You might not find travelogue or fictional story in this post.  But this post gave me hope that blogging can be easily done through voice.

My new moto g works like a charm.  This changes my perception on smart mobile phone . It is so easy to publish a post through voice command.

Many bloggers may have used this features already , but this is the first time i am publishing a post using my voice.

Mobile features in moto g for its price is really great. I have repeated several punctuations  while voicing this post .
I am not going to talk about the rest of the features of this mobile as am not doing a campaign for mobile,  hahaha. but i wanted to make a post after watching this movie just to express my happiness of using a new way of blogging. Thanks, if you have read this post fully.

Watch this space for more. Some of my  travelogue are on the way.


Moto g, you are awesome