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It’s been a decade!

A Short Flashback



Ten years ago on 18th May 2008 my friends & I moved to Bangalore to join Accenture the next day. Although I’ve been to Bangalore a lot of times in past as my hometown; the beautiful place Hosur is close to Bangalore, it was a new experience for me to be in Bangalore away from my parents.

Day 1 morning we all started from our guest house that was provided to us by Accenture around 7 AM, we didn’t know the bus route, we didn’t find anyone to ask that early morning, so we took an auto. I bargained with the auto driver in Kannada the first two days. Our Induction was at Windsor Manor Sheraton in Vasanth Nagar. IPL has just started or may be it was about to start. I don’t remember about that as I’m not a big fan of cricket. But it was a treat for my friends that day!

As we entered Sheraton for our induction, we saw RCB bus and we got to know that all RCB players were staying in the same hotel! Two hours after our induction has began we were given a 15 mins break, no one returned until 30 mins, some coordinators came to the hallway and called us inside to attend the induction! Everyone got to see the players wandering in the hallway and in gym.

Rahul Dravid was talking on his phone in Tamil “sollungo ma, ava laam anga irukka” or something similar to that, I still remember his tone over the phone and walked next to me and my friends who were in the hallway. Since it was a surprise to have them in the same hotel where we stayed, we had to leave that place for our induction!

After the two days of Induction, our two months GFT (Greenfield Training) commenced in ITPL so we’d to find our accommodation else where. After some struggle and we moved to a temporary place which I chose as it was less price, but we didn’t feel good after we moved in, so we shifted to the another apartment where our other friends got a PG. It’s Vijetha Lapis Lazuli.

It was my first time to learn that the rents of houses could cost more than 2,500 rupees, as until that date the maximum rent I know was 2,500 rupees. I was so shocked to know when our individual share for the rent was 3,600 rupees.


Already he has a watermark so I’m not going to write courtesy for pic…

This is where we stayed for two months until we cleared our exams in GFT which we had to clear in order to continue in our job else we will get terminated.

All of studied more seriously than we studied at college. At college we’ll have time to write exam and it’s writing, here it was exam in computers and just radio button or check boxes, if a click goes wrong, we’ll lose marks – and of course our job, if mark goes less than 70. We get three attempts to clear the exam and if we miss the third attempt, we have to return our badge immediately and lose our job. Unfortunately we had to bid adieu to two of our friends in this course of two months.

Finally after two months everyone got projects in various locations and like birds scatter some of us scattered to different locations. I get to flew to Pune, first time in Aeroplane which I started calling Flight over the years. I got to meet new people there, literally I know every Tamil speaking person in Magarpatta, Hadapsar at that time. As I hear someone speaking in Tamil I will go talk to them and get their contact number and pass it on to my other Tamil speaking friends. I made friends who are very good and became room mates with Srinath & Srini who are still in touch irrespective of various countries they live now.

Worked with very good managers who are still the best – Sandeep, Somu, Umesh, Ganesh Pise, Vipin and so many friends. We learnt the corporate culture as the day passed. Team lunch, team outing, goodies and all these new terms became a regular use down the years.

As time passed, I moved to Bangalore and joined my friends who were then settled in a 3 BHK house in Koramangala, which became our den for several years until everyone scattered to various locations after few years. As my time at Accenture continued it was time for me to switch and explore new opportunities and so I switched to Cognizant. I got a lot of friends at accenture but I got a studious, talented and beautiful wife in Cognizant 😉

My friends who continued in Accenture explored their opportunity with other companies and moved to different parts of the world but we’re connected in our Whatsapp group, which itself is going to complete 6 years, in which my friend Praveen overthrown me and took the group ownership when I accidentally left the group one day & not giving ownership back to me. I think I’ll have to go to Vajubhai Vala to claim my ownership back!

Coming back from flashback to this day… 19.May.2018 I greet my friends a Happy 10th year Anniversary and to reach a great heights and to achieve their dreams!



Khuljaye Bachpan – bonding moments

The memories about my childhood always brings about how briskful I was in my childhood. I do not remember the time when I was idle at home & doing nothing coz of my naughtiness and the periodic lessons learnt from my parents.

During my school days, As I come from school, I used to throw my bag aside and get ready to play with my friends. We use to play from 4’o clock till 7’o clock and then on we can able to hear every kids name being called by their parents 😀 And then comes the sound ‘Raajuuuuu’ from my mom, ‘amma fiveeeee minutes maaa’ – I use to shout from the street.

I remember the day I went to our usual grocery store with my mom to buy Kelloggs Cornflakes. As soon as we reached J.K Store, I’d asked Annacchi for cornflakes, he took a big box (it looked big for me then!) I asked him about the car which comes along with the corn flakes for free, he said it is inside the pack. Then before seeing the car, the hen image was on the cornflakes box, as a kid I was shocked and asked him, annacchi… is this veg or non-veg? Why does it have hen image in it? He laughed and said it is veg and doesn’t know why it has that image of hen. My mom touched my head and said good boy, this is how you should check what you are buying and should not buy things without questioning. I was so happy that I got a car and was very eager to go home to open the package and play with that.


When all my classmates went for a excursion from my school (Sri Sathya Sai Bala Gurukulam) to Jain farms which is near my hometown, Hosur. I was not able to go because of the fees when I think about it now, without being strict or without scolding my my parents made me realize about our situation and made me not even to worry about missing an excursion, at the same time, after few weeks when group photo event was announced in my school, I thought I may not take it, but my mom said to me, this is a life time moment, this time of your life will never come back to you and have me 25 rupees for the photo.


Able to find me? Second from the top, next to the motta boss 😀

On Wednesdays when I go to M.G.R market with my mom, as a kid I have got scared sometimes when my mom bargains, but guess what? I have never bought anything without bargaining ever since I’d started going to markets and cloth shops alone and with my friends and made my friend Manju scared of my bargaining 😀

The day when my mom gave me 1 rupee for rental cycle to learn to ride cycle, the day I taught my sister to ride scooter, the encouraging nature of my parents to send me out with my friends to Goa! when I was still studying in college and later to Andaman when I started working, never stopped me from doing what I’d loved to do at the same time I have never disappointed my parents by misusing the freedom they gave me. I don’t know if parents of this modern age can be like them, as it was love and affection that had created the bonding relationship and not the money or things they have got for us in our childhood.

On weekdays I go out with my dad with no idea where we were heading to, while going in scooter we’ll decide which direction to go and randomly pick a direction saying, hmm.. last week we went in Bangalore route, let’s take some other road today & we head for 20 kms and come back & find a tender coconut selling person at a good tree shaded place and enjoy the tender coconut, anything we had planned to do in that week will be decided while we ride the scooter and headed back home.

My parents were always a good friend for me till now and I realize it more when I’m staying away from them now. I really want to get back to home sooooooooon to spend time with them.

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Dial 1 for Happiness :)

Eeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂 This is how I smile whenever I think about the moments I’d enjoyed since my childhood 🙂 I know for sure my first smile must be when I looked at my parents 🙂 Every toys my parents had bought for me had made me happy. At childhood skipping studies and going out with parents  is what made me smile. I can remember the streets with very few vehicles but more people and lots of shops with are always crowded. It makes one to feel happy when there are lot of people whether we know them or not.

At childhood 3:25 PM was my happy hour 😀 Because that is the exact time my school bell rings to mark the end of last hour. It had bring smile all over my face the moment the outdoor air touched my face when I’d left class 🙂 I can imagine the day when I’d carried my school bag upside down at my back and a stranger corrected me 🙂 And the moment after I reach home, first thing I use to do is changing dress, freshen up and drink Bonus and then hit the streets with friends. The happy hours use to continue until I hear my mom’s sound from balcony, ‘dai… come and study, enough playing for the day’ 😦 😀 And the happiness had continued while keeping books in hands and sitting next to my sister and playing with her and talking to her while mom was at kitchen and when mom asks from kitchen ‘why are you calm, study loudly’ I use to read a few lines loudly and then back to playing with sister 😀

When my mom can no longer handle me at home and admitted me at a tuition, I was very sad at the beginning but later discovered that’s more fun, because there were more kids like me at tuition and when they are my age how can we study without play 😀 It was always a thrilling moment when I use to discuss with my friends at tuition without letting my tuition teacher notice me talking to my friends that I show gestures to my friends and call them outside 😀 One by one we slowly show the little finger and ask shall I go meeees (miss)? and haha what can she say except yes go? Those 10, sometimes 15 minutes break out of 3 hours tuition was the first bunk I’d ever done 😀 And I use to play or chase some dogs for which we are not afraid of and some dogs that had chased my for which I’m afraid of are the moments that I can never forget 😀

Toilet breaks were always a greater time for boys while studying at tuition and school 😀 The artistic and athletic talents can bee seen at toilet walls in upper kinder garden onwards 😀



Boys Peeing into Chamber Pots


The PT (Physical Entertainment) period day was always a smile generating day and such a fun filled hour on a school hour. When we start from class to ground when kids at other class looks at us the ‘veeeeee’ face expression with dancing head with twisted tongue had given happiness more than the PT hour itself 😀

The annual exam holidays spent at relatives house and the time spent with cousins were the best moments 🙂 Getting prepared to go to relatives house even before preparing for exams itself was always fun 😀 Now when I spend time with my niece and nephew… hahaha there couldn’t be a best moment than when the kids jump on me and pinch my cheeks and do whatever they want to do to me and enjoy and playing with them would be the happiest moments 🙂 🙂

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Similar to the break taken during tuition now taking time off from work and playing and taking pics at office is always fun and memorable 🙂

After all the busy weekdays playing games and meeting friends in the name of game had always gave happiness to me 🙂 The fun play which turns seriously and takes a U turn and becomes fun game again.. Such a wonderful moments with friends teasing each other and distract from game, riding bicycle like the good old childhood days  and the chatting hours after game at our railway station were the happiest moments which no other place can give 🙂 🙂


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Going out with dad in scooter just by choosing a random direction for 20 kilometers and drink tender coconut on return was the happiest on all weekends 🙂 Recently, When I was looking at my school group photo which was taken 20 years ago, I thought to see my friends as they look today in the same photo and the result is this 🙂 🙂


My school group photo 🙂


The same group now 🙂 Many are not in touch and not in FB too!

Being away from home, now the happy hours are the time I speak with my best friend and with my parents. I always dial 1 for happiness which is speed dial to my home 🙂

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Look Up Stories – Optimism…

I never had any idea about campus interview and the placement. Off campus and On campus became a familiar term when I was at final year. When I was at hostel my senior Bharath anna use to advice me what I need to do to get ready for the placements and how I should prepare me for the interview.

Leave the technical part aside, I was preparing the first question in interview ‘Tell me about yourself” a long time than preparing the subject part. Somewhere during the final year we were announced that Cognizant is coming to our campus for placement. Just like the exam nervousness for SSLC and +2 (HSS) final exams I was little scared about the campus interview. I got some aptitude books from my senior Mahesh anna and  started taking a glance at that. And “Let’s C” book authored by Balagurusamy. The next day was my first campus interview and I’d not prepared as I didn’t know what questions I will be asked.

I got ready and rehearsed ‘tell me about yourself’ 😀 It was in first floor above our prayer hall we all were asked to gather and some associates from Cognizant presented some video and spoke for few minutes but nothing reached my mind, everything that was going on in my mind was what questions I’ll be asked? Will I be selected? After the presentation we were given a OMR sheet and a two different set of question papers. It was good and I’d casually answered those questions. After the aptitude round there was 30 minutes break and we were asked to wait outside. Just like the election results announcement someone use to come down and increase our BP by keeping suspense and use to say another few minutes.

After an 45 minutes someone stood in my prayer hall entrance and started reading out the names of those who got shortlisted in the aptitude round. My name was called too. I was so happy and went to the first floor again. Now there was difference in the bench arrangement as the second round was directly a technical round where I was expecting second round to be a group discussion. I was sitting in a bench waiting for my name to be called just like how I use to wait in a clinic at my hometown, Hosur. My name was called. I showed up at a desk. I greeted him and didn’t shake hand as someone had told me that time I should’t shake hand unless the interviewer does. Also I was told to give a firm shake hand if I was offered to shake hand. But those tips had no work there as he just asked me to sit.

The interviewer asked me to write four C programs in a paper, As he said the questions I wrote the programs one by one and didn’t write one. For whatever I’d written he asked me if that was correct and I said ‘no’, ‘yes’, hmmm…. ‘yes’ 😀 he asked me to explain and I did it to an extent. Then another 1 hour wait to know the results of the technical round but my name was not called this time 😦 Hmm… Ok, ‘It’s just a beginning and I can do better in next interview’ I said to myself and went to hostel room. As soon as I entered I’d noticed the Let’s C book. I just took the book… turned to the appendix page. It was appendix D and the exact first four questions of what I was looking at in that book was asked by the interviewer! Lord!! Why you no tell me the day before? 😀 (But Mahesh anna had told me to go through appendix, but I didn’t 😀 )

It was around this interview season my college Secretary and care taker of hostel, Swami Atmagananandha Ji who use to read one chapter a day during our morning prayer in Hostel, asked us to buy that book if we needed. It was first published in January 5th 1972. I must tell you this book made some alterations or any other word you call it… Because when I was about to get a negative thought whether I’ll be get placement or not, as I’d attended Patni computers interview in my campus in which the aptitude test was like one chapter of some maths book and SAP Solutions aptitude which we were asked to take it online and that I wrote it from a browsing center near opposite to bata showroom in Luz signal, Mylapore; which I didn’t get shortlisted.

Then an off campus interview at Anna University with atleast 1000-1500 students who were standing in queue and entered various class rooms for tests batch by batch, meanwhile standing in queue I tried to taste a juice as one of my friends had told me that canteen at Anna university will be good 😀 (Food is important you see 😀 ) Yes.. It was good juice, nothing different from outside 😀 yeah, back to topic… I got my turn to enter exam hall for aptitude round and I didn’t get through there as well.

So it was at this time I read the book with open mind and enjoyed the content as I generally do while reading. I read everything with an imagination and visualized it’s content. I think this woke up my morale which I think was sleeping until then 😀 But by this time companies have stopped coming in for campus and more off campus was listed in our notice board. I remember after I didn’t get placement in one of the companies KK (Krishna Kumar) told me not to worry and said something good would be waiting for me. Yes! Withing next few weeks our notice board has listed Accenture in it.

I however didn’t prepare any technical questions as I’d prepared enough when I was attending previous companies, so I was involved in aptitude books as I liked it a lot in the short span of time. So I’d spent time solving the puzzles and questions and didn’t looked at those books from interview point of view. Then the day came to attend interview for Accenture. It was held at Obul Reddy auditorium, as I was staying at hostel I’d reached the auditorium on time and every others too, that’s special about my college. Unlike other colleges my college doesn’t only teaches subjects but discipline too.

I sat at first row and third seat, as usual presentation happened but it was very professional than any other companies presentation. Jyothika and Srinivas was the interviewer. Before the presentation I stood up, walked to Srinivas and whispered something in his ears. Asked Praveen before I went to Srinivas, What did I say? (Asked him to check his pant). I’d a small doubt whether it was appropriate to say, but never-mind, I’d said it already. Post presentation aptitude test, which I’d cleared this time. Then group discussion, Jyothika asked us to choose our own topic, I was little scared about what if someone choose topic about Cricket, as I had no idea about cricket (and yeah, even now!). But then she said a topic on her own, it was about co-education. Yeah, this kind of debate is always my favorite. 🙂 Yes… Shortlisted in GD as well.

Now technical round… Just diagonally opposite to where I’d appeared technical round for Cognizant. I was given three C programs and hehe yeah I was able to clear this round as well. Though I was appearing for all these rounds, I’d a watch around the hall to check if my besties are still there. Then came the HR round and it was with Jyothika, I spoke casually and within no time it got over too. We were 10/55 who were waiting to hear the final list, we were asked to wait in same hall, I couldn’t able to speak with my friends though we were sitting next to each other as the hall was so calm. In our presence the two HR people were writing names in the offer letter which they had with them handy. Now Jyothika started reading out names of those who got selected…

She read names one by one and I was happy for my friends and nervous for me… and yes… by god’s grace my name was shortlisted for the offer for first time 🙂 And the best part was my besties too were shortlisted for the offer 🙂 I was so happy and had rushed to hostel to call my parents who will be more happy than me, my hostel mate Praveen, Kamaraj, Srikanth & Thamu had wished me with much happiness…

The next thing I did after smiling was a kiss… a kiss to my book… Ennangal (Thoughts) which gave me the optimism.

PC: Self :D

PC: Self 😀



Together for 48 hours after 48 months

It was on the second day after I’d joined college I sat in first bench. I couldn’t turn back when to hit him back when Ananth use to pinch my ears from third bench 😀  I was sitting in right corner of the bench so that I can look outside the window (but I didn’t do it, will tell you later why). It was Praveen, Vignesh, Mouli & I were occupying the first bench.

It’s not even the third day after the commencement of college and we started imitating our lecturers who are even yet to know our names. This made everyone in my class to mingle with each other soon. Even a 5 minutes gap after the lecturer leave the class was a pen game time. Two benches will jump in for the Pen game and chalk fight will go on in other side of class in parallel. It was during our HOD’s class hour our class did a mass bunk and went to marina beach and played Kabadi and spent awesome time at beach. As none of us had camera mobile at that time we were able to enjoy the time at beach fully and now I’m sure this post will remind that evening to my friends.


I use to spend most of my weekends at Vignesh house and Praveen’s house and enjoy the home food and spend time playing NFS and by watching movies. It was in Vignesh house that I’d watched three movies continuously and slept when everyone was about to wake up. Sundar, Vignesh and I had watched a thriller (FInal Destination) followed by a ghost movie, all of a sudden there was a sound near our window.. We were absolutely calm and just laughed after few mins… We then watched Mr.Bean’s Holidays to free up mind from ghost thoughts and the clocked 5:30 AM when the movie was over.

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Years passed by and we started getting campus interview at our college. Praveen & Vignesh got placement at Patni in initial few weeks after the campus interview started.  It was almost the last company that we all attended together in our campus and 10 of us got placement in Accenture including me, Praveen & Vignesh. After college was over I moved to my native and waited for the call letter to join and we were asked to join in Bangalore on 19th may.

I was so happy that we three was placed in same location. We have joined and took house for rent in Bangalore, brook field. The initial two months during our training was a thriller duration, because of the frequent test we had during the training. As I was thinking we are going to be together, I got my first project in Pune even though I had responded like below

Caller (Manish): Am I talking to Bhargav?

Me: yes…

Manish: Are you ready to relocate to Pune?

Me: No…

Manish: Are you willing to work in shifts?

Me: No…

Manish: Have you got training on Weblogic, Tuxedo, Database?

Me: No…

Manish: Thank you.

Me: Thank you.

I came back to Vignesh, Praveen & said ‘hey I said no for the relocation’ da 🙂 🙂 So I’m going to be here in Bangalore with you guys. Went home happily after the end of day. As I logged in to the computer the next day in office, the first email that I’d received was ‘You’re hard locked to our project and you manager is this person and you should report in Pune office on June 16’. 😦 I was confused whether all my ‘No’ was heard by Manish as ‘Yes’. But no other go I’d moved to Pune and spent 15 months.

Then I got a chance to come back to Bangalore as my project got over 🙂 I came back again to Bangalore in 2009 and joined with Praveen & Vignesh again. I was so happy to be back again with new room mates Sathish, Ejas, Ashy, Libin & Kenny. After another 15 months everyone got transferred to Chennai and only Libin and I’d remained in Bangalore.

4  years passed since my friends had moved to Chennai & I came to US for a short time a few months back. To my surprise Vignesh’s client location too is 3 hour travel distance from my place 🙂 We’d planned to meet and decided to visit Atlanta to meet Ejas & Ashy. So We’d booked ticket in bus from New York & finally we met after a long time. He came to my house the day before our bus departure and we spent time together after 4 years and all the time until we reached Atlanta was spent talking & laughing. It was after 4 years we got  time to spend 48 hours together & that will sure bring a smile in me when I think about that. 🙂