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Arachu vitta Vengaya Sambhar / Grinded Onion Sambhar

Vengaya sambhar is one of my favorite sambhar variety. 🙂 It use to be our sambhar variety on Sundays in my childhood until l went out of hometown for my studies. After a long time I felt like eating this particular sambhar and thought to prepare it. I had asked my sister to send me the recipe and got it immediately with my mom’s recorded whatsapp voice message.

So, if you want to try the most tasty vengaya sambhar here is the method to prepare it.


3-4 Onions, Yellow Lentil, Split Bengal Gram, Black Gram, 4-6 Red Chillies, Grated coconut, Tamarind, Coriander seeds, mustard, fenugreek.

Preparation steps:

1. Steam half tumbler (or a cup) Yellow lentil for upto 5-6 whistles in pressure cooker.

2. Soak tamarind 15 before cooking begins

3. Saute the split bengal gram, black gram, red chillies (cut it to into pieces), coriander seeds (if coriander seeds are not available use coriander powder), grated coconut together until it turns brownish.

4. Grind it all with some water added

5. Cut onions into thin slices

6. Heat a pan with oil and saute mustard, fenugreek & add the cut onions

7, Stir it until onion color turns yellow

8. Add the tamarind water + add more water to the needed sambhar quantity & add required salt

9. Add the steamed yellow lentil and the grinded items to the pan

10. Boil it for 15-20 minutes

11. Sambhar ready! 🙂

Here is the preparation video of the above dish…

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Tomato Koottu / Thakkali Koottu

Thakkali (Tomato) Koottu is one of my favorite dishes from my Mom. Though I like every single dish my mom prepares, this one is always my special dish. I’d asked my sister to let me know the recipe and she had sent a recorded voice message from my mom and sent me in whatsapp! haha… If this had happened two years ago I might have talked in favor of gadgets in Neeya Naana (a Tamil talk show) in which I’d actually spoken against gadgets. 😀

As I didn’t cook beyond five standard dishes with slight variations, I’d decided it’s high time for me to try something new and so is this Koottu 😀 It will take 45 minutes to cook it. Here is the recipe, if you like to give it a try!

Necessary items:

1. Tomato (6-8 depends on size of Tomato and number of people) – I used 8 tomatoes for a count of 4.

2. Kadalai paruppu (Bengal Gram)

3. Payatham paruppu or Paasi Paruppu (Green Gram )

4. Uluttham paruppu (Black Gram)

5. Curry Leaves, Chilly, Coriander Leaves, Mustard, grated coconut

Pre-Cooking steps:

1. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces

2. Steam Bengal gram and Green gram together in pressure cooker upto 6 whistles

Cooking steps:

3. Saute Mustard, chilly (cut it small), curry leaves, bengal gram and black gram until it turns brown

4. Mix the cut tomato in pan with the above and stir it frequently for 15-20 minutes until the fresh tomato smell fades away

5. Add necessary salt, little turmeric & a tea spoon of Sambhar powder

6. Once fresh tomato smell has gone, mix the steamed bengal & green gram in the pan and stir it

7. Add grated coconut and coriander leaves (if not readily available it’s ok to skip coriander leaves) and stir for 5 minutes.

8. oh! that’s it… only 5 steps to cook.

9. Comment here after you’d tried it 🙂

It came very well for me and it tasted just like my mom’s preparation 🙂

Check out this video as well 🙂

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Favorite Singaporean Food



Singapore – South east Asia’s smallest island. Which is very well known in India as one of the cleanest country. Even though Singapore is smallest island, it is known for it’s development in a short span of time.

Singapore roads are frequently mentioned as an example for it’s cleanliness. It is home for a major Indians, especially Tamilians. There are 15% of Chinese who adds population to Singapore. It is a 6th country to have half of it’s population as tourists.

Year after year the number of tourists visiting Singapore is increasing. When there are so many travelers and tourists flooding in it accommodation, commute and importantly food plays a main role in keeping the tourists visiting the country.

Not only tourists, the fact is that Singaporean families eat food from restaurants, they prefer outside food than homemade as the food at hotels are cooked just like the way it is prepared at home, with neatness, safety & care. As per an article I’d read a few years back, may be 9 years back, very less percentage of Singaporean family cooks at home & the majority residents have food from outside. The primary reason for this is the quality of food that is being served in the restaurants. Quality of food, Cleanliness, affordable price are main reason for the residents to have food outside. The restaurants are regularly visited by the food inspectors to make ensure quality food is being served and to ensure the cleanliness being followed in the hotels and restaurants.

In a country where it’s population as said above is from various countries, you can imagine how many varieties of restaurants and the varieties of food you can enjoy when you visit Singapore. Yes, Singapore is known for its varieties of foods & Restaurants. There is a lot of restaurants from various countries that are enjoyed by people from various nations.

Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food have it’s own outstanding restaurants. Saravana Bhavan, Komala Vilas (Estd 1947), Ananda Bhavan are famous vegetarian restaurants for several decades which is getting a repeated loyal customers for it’s quality service and taste. These are very few restaurants that are serving tasty food since past few decades, there are several other continents restaurant chains that are well known among the tourists for it’s taste. And the various other non vegetarian restaurants which has its own loyal customers for it’s taste, safety & neatness.

When it comes to Singapore, even if it’s a very small island, there are lot of places to visit and you’ll find it difficult to mention one place as your favorite. And it holds the same for Singaporean food as well. There are plenty of varieties of food that are available in Singapore, it is very hard to determine one food as your favorite where every food item you see tempts you to have it.

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Tomato Thokku/Thakkali Thokku

haha… never thought I would make such a post. Just a try! Ever since I came to US, I miss the varieties of food my mom use to prepare and some food items which she prepares specially for me. Every weekend my mom use to prepare a different type of food mix which I use for the whole week in Bangalore where I used to stay.

Though my room mates makes a varieties of food everyday in their turn, which makes me feel like I’m at home, It’s been 4 months since I came here and started feeling about the varieties of food items my mom makes for me.

One of the simplest and easiest preparation is Thokku. I’d asked my mom when I called her and asked about the preparation steps. I’d said ‘oh.. ok.. ok…’ for all the steps she said and didn’t do on the say I’d called her. Then I thought to make it after 4 days & the sad part is I’d forgot what all she said 😀

Again called today and asked the same steps & I gave it a try. The taste is 70% close to what my mom makes. Just for a timepass took photos and videos of what I’d prepared. This thokku will taste very good with Dosa, Idly, Chappathi, all Upma varieties, with curd rice and it’ll be very good with white rice.

Thokku will serve good for a week without keeping it in refrigerator & if climate is not so hot.

Incase if you want to try, here are the simple steps to make this mouth watering Thakkali Thokku.

1. 5-6 Tomatos

2. Salt

3. Red Chilly

4. Tamarind (if you’re using Tamarind paste, use 1/2 spoon for 6 tomatos, That’s what I used 😀 )

5. Mustard

6. Asafoetida

7. Sunflower oil

4 simple steps for preparation

1. Grind the Red chilly, salt & Tamarind together

2. Mix Tomato with this and grind again (Don’t add water)

3. On a Pan, add more oil and saute mustard and asafoetida

4. Mix the grind-ed tomato in the pan and boil it for 25 minutes. (stir frequently)

5. Wash your plates & get ready to eat.

Here is the video…. Leave a comment if you liked it.