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Ponniyin Selvan should be made as a series!

No offense, I love some of Mani Ratnam’s films, he is one of a great directors of Indian Film Industry, but that doesn’t qualify him to make movie based on Ponniyin Selvan novel.

Let’s take Queen series as an example. Don’t jump into conclusion, I’m not comparing Mani & GVM! Yes, Queen, Gautham Vasudev Menon’s MX Player series. Though this series was said to be based on a Novel by Anitha Sivakumaran, at least the first season was based on just an hour of interview by Simi Garewal & Jayalalithaa. Ok, now why did I take this as an example? It was just one hour interview that was made into 11 episodes of just season 1. It is said that there will be two more seasons just based on this one book 280 pages novel.

Do you really think a 2600 pages 5 part novel book can be made just in a 3 or 4 hour movie? (4 hours is no way possible nor a two part 3 hour movie). Kalki sculpted every character, every chapter and every page of the Novel with his infinite and extreme imagination which goes with the real fact & story. Just the explanation of the flood scene in part 4/5 where the calf struggles in the flood water is one drop of his imagination in this book.

Readers mind will literally imagine what’s being explained in the page and face will automatically react to what they’re reading, “manathirai” will play the movie, you do not need a cinema theater when this Novel is made as a movie. No exaggeration.

This is a novel that should be read, those who didn’t read it should start reading it now. I know many families where the pregnant women use to read Ponniyin Selvan multiple times till the delivery time (Not a bit exaggeration!), reading this novel gives the readers such a courage, braveness, smile, laugh, exclamation and every expression when author explains respective scenes.

Every character holds importance and weightage till last chapter. A movie can only convey something, not everything. This is a novel where nothing should be missed, if anything., any single character or single chapter is missed while making it as a movie, it’s a huge disrespect to this Novel. It’s not a fictional story, but a factual history conveyed with dramatic imagination, an imagination which will make you awe!

When people who didn’t read the book watches it as a movie, their knowledge will be restricted to only 3 hours but in real, there is so much to gain and enjoy when you read it.

Also, a majority of this novel embraces Saivam and Vaishvanam & Buddhism which itself is given in arguable, debating and interesting way, since it’s going to be a movie and there are many half cracks in Tamilnadu and other places who went mad when Titan watches released a limited edition of “Namma Tamilnadu” watch last month (Dec/Jan 2019–2020) as their TV commercial showed Temples; Mani Rathnam these days talking politics and trying to show him as more secular and so many other political stuffs, I’m more concerned as an avid reader and an Ardant fan of this book that none of this recent time politics and secularism stuffs should impact the content of this Novel.


Credits: Mani Gunasekaran

Those who have read one time or multiple times can never think “Jayam Ravi” as Arulmozhi Varman. Are you serious Mani Ratnam??? Is this what you can really think of? Even if the cast changes, it’s merely about any “faces” when it comes to this Novel.

Aishwarya Rai Bachan as Nandhini & Oomai Raani?? Are you out of your mind? Just because she is beautiful, don’t you have any Tamil actress at all who is beauty to justify Nandhini & Oomai Rani’s characters?? These are just a mere thought that came out when I saw the cast of this movie.


For such a great Tamil novel to be made as movie, there is not even an official Tamil poster yet!!! What an Irony!

Yes, it’s not the first time a movie is made based on a novel, agree. But other novels are not Ponniyin Selvan. If this is made as a visual story, every details in the book, every page should be visually made, only then complete story can be enjoyed. Which is why a few hours movie cannot convey the full story.

Aazhvarkadiyaan, Vandhiyathevan, Oomai Rani, Poonkuzhali, Nandhini, Periya Pazhuvetarayar, Ravidasan, Por Kalanjiyam scenes alone require a separate movie and time. Reducing any of these characters or scenes will highly do injustify to the story, including jail scenes.

Making this Novel as a series alone can justify the imagination and hard work of the exceptionally talented Author Kalki. There are many streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and several other that has entered our Indian market which has a giant footprint in rest of the world with Tamil audience, this is the very best time to take advantage of that, it’ll also yield them thousands of subscribers (They know very well about however the way they need to make money, dub it in other languages etc!)

Instead of making it as a movie Mani Ratnam should make this as a Series, that is how a justification can be done. He should make his debut in directing a series out of this, making a series is no less than making an award winning movie. Martin Scorsese made Boardwalk Empire when he was already a top director in Hollywood & now made The Irishman for Netflix. Indian directors should change their perspectives about big & small screens, it’s the same people who watches in any medium.

When we Tamilans & other Indian languages speaking people watch so many Korean, English (UK, Australian & US), Hebrew/Arabic (Israel) series with or without subtitles & get crazy about those series, WHY NOT make our pride novel a Series & set an example from our country & our state?

As Thanjai Periya Kovil celebrated 1000th year anniversary few years back which was built by the main character of this Novel Arulmozhi Varman, wouldn’t this be a time to showcase it to rest of the world instead of talking the same known pride among ourselves?

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Endangered Animals – Grace-ful Ice

It’s December & Cold… So? It’s time to see Ice carvings happening in New York City. Ice sculptors of Okamoto Studio performed Live ice carvings on the theme “Endangered Animals” this year at the Grace building (HBO) at Midtown Manhattan.

It takes an average of two hours to give life to the giant ice bars which is sculpted, flamed, brushed and what not to give it a perfect shape!

Take a look at the endangered animals that are carved so beautifully by the passionate artists of Okamoto Studio. BTW… if you’re in the city, you can still see this ice carvings till late noon today, do stop by if you’re around.

That stripes stands out!
Dolphin is cute even it’s an ice statue!

Every year during second week of December ArtsBrookfield arranges Okamoto Studio to perform ice carvings in their properties in the city, also Okamoto studio performs live ice carvings every Saturday night at the New York Botanical garden, do checkout their social media pages for updates.

Checkout the Ice carvings from 2014-2017 in my previous posts in this blog. Do follow my Instagram profile & enjoy the photos

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Low light Photography

It’s my first article about photography & I’m starting it with Low light Photography.

Light plays an important role in Photo, be it day light, or night photography, light is the main source and it can define your photo the way you want to convey it.

My interest for photography goes back to the time when I have never touched a camera & we never had one at home. My dad use to express his interest on how we could have shot a photo if we had a camera on that spot, as a child I have grown up cultivating that interest in me. I bought a first digital point & shoot camera in 2010 for my dad & started taking so many photos whenever we went out.

Four years before I bought this Digi cam, the first time I ever got my hands on to a digital camera was when my friend Praveen got his cousin Anand anna’s camera. He gave me the first tips to shoot a photo without leaving space about head & to avoid unnecessary blank space on a photo. After my dad he is my first mentor for photography.

Lowlight Photography:


I called it “Yin-Yang: The actual meaning is different here

I shot this 8 years back with a point & shoot camera, I held this “Spadiga Maalai” in one hand and shot with other hand. As it was a cloudy day our home was more dark when i shot this pic.


This is 15th photo in my Flickr account. My friend Vikky’s photo is the first photo that I’ve uploaded to my Flickr account.

I got my first DSLR camera two years back & exploring various categories from Landscapes to Portraits. Though I love all the categories, shooting in low light or at night interests me more. Let’s talk about it now.

Low light photography needs an important quality – Patience. If you have patience & dedicated time to take the shot you have in mind, you can certainly produce good quality photos. You don’t need more fancy accessories to shoot photos, just keep a clear idea of what you’re going to shoot & find a spot for your photo.

I’m not going to explain every details like a pro, I’ll talk about it to the level I’ve exposure about it. You need a camera with manual setup, based on how much light is available in the spot you choose, you will have to manually adjust your aperture and shutter speed. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to keep your camera absolutely still. You cannot let it move a bit. You will end up with a blurred photo without any details. So, find your angle & keep your camera on floor or compound or if you have tripod you can keep it anywhere you can.

You don’t a remote for all your shots, you can use timer but remember even the click that you press in your camera will shake your photo & will end up as an useless shot.

Here are some low light photos that I shot.


Below shot is a form of light trails, my wife posed 30 seconds without moving for this photo. Keep in mind, when your subject moves or your camera moves you will end up in a blurred image.


ƒ/22.0 30″ ISO 100

This is a light trail shot.


ƒ/22.0 30″ ISO 100



f 1.8 ISO 400 1/125

Now give it a try & share your shot with me & Do let me know if this article  was any useful to you in comments.

Checkout my photo works on my Insta & Flickr pages.

Grace-Ful ICE – Sea Life

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We all have been hearing “Winter is here” from Season 1 and finally in Season 7 winter arrived!!! That’s in series… so is in real! Winter is arrived in 2017! And so are the winter friendly events.

If you’re following my blog you may very well remember the Ice Sculpting event, I’ve been sharing the photos of this event for the past 3 years.

2016 – Grace-ful Ice: Safari
2015 – Dinosaurs – Graceful Ice 2015

2014 – Microcosmos – Ice Sculpture

After the past themes that are Microcosmos, Dinosaurs, Animal Safari… here is the Ice bergs that got the shape of Sea Life by the Okamoto Studio artists. If you are in NYC today, hurry up, you have another few hours to see these sculptures before it melts. If not don’t worry, check out Okamoto Studio in Facebook for their future schedules for this Winter.

Without further wait, here are the photos that I took during Sea Life – Grace-Ful ICE






Checkout all the photos in this slideshow.

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Click on individual photo in the below thumbnail to see in full screen.


My wife and I took a selfie with Thomas. He is a live performer at Okamoto Studio and they’ve been doing the Ice sculpting since past seven years.

Grace-ful Ice: Safari


It’s the time of year where Live Ice Carvings are performed at the Grace building.

The artists from Okamoto Studio show their talents in giving a shape to the just plain big rectangle ice bars to a stunning animals (2016), the dinosaur (2015), microcosmos (2014) etc.

Here are the photos taken during this event on 12th December 2016 at Grace building, New York City. Because of the good weather these crafts are still good in shape unlike last year where it melted the very day because of high temperature.

If you’re in the city & reading this now, you still have time left to see these beautiful Ice animals before it melts down.



Deers – Crafting in progress


Lion King – Crafting in progress


Zebra – Crafting in progress


Crafting the details…


Crafting the details…


Small birds – Crafting in progress


Oh!!! Not in the eyes!!!


Crafting the details…

After the final shape…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some moments that I found very funny when this crafting was in progress! View it in full size to see if you can find it fun 🙂


The New York Times reported that Mr & Mrs Bhargav witnessed this event at Grace plaza on 12/12/16




Anu cheering heyyy woww at the end of ice crafting 😉

Thank you for visiting 🙂


Dinosaurs – Graceful Ice 2015

You may very well remember Ice Sculpture – Microcosmos photos that I’ve shared last year. This year the theme was Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park movie is what I could recall when I looked at the notice last week.

The sad part about the Ice carving this year is the weather 😦 Last year the weather was so cold that the ice carvings lasted for two nights! But this year due to warm weather, the ice carvings melted overnight and many people couldn’t see the carvings!

The Okamoto Studio artists did a great job as they did last year! Here are the photos of the Dinosaurs, people were so happy about this event and I could see from the way people showed eagerness to watch this event that age doesn’t have a limit to enjoy watching the Dinosaurs and to get excitement!

These pics were taken using my mobile, so keep the expectations low and enjoy the pics & a short video too 🙂

Click on images to view in full screen 🙂


View from top!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Day 2 night! The last one that stood still!