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Got a call from (206) 922 0193?


Did you receive a call from (206) 922 0193 that reads Seattle, Washington & not sure if it’s a real or hoax call?

It’s legit & it’s the call from Amazon’s delivery people. Don’t panic, pick the call. They’re either at your door to drop your order or calling you to check if you want to pick the order immediately.


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2 thoughts on “Got a call from (206) 922 0193?

  1. Yep, it’s an Amazon courier. Happened to us for the first time last night. New guy, doesn’t know the area and we live out in the county area. What bugged me is that he didn’t say anything, he just hung up after I said “hello”. Then I looked out the window…it was 9p and very dark…and saw a car in the street and a guy standing at the back of the vehicle with the back hatch door open, talking on his phone. Was in spanish so I didn’t know what he was saying. I went out on my porch and watched and waited. He eventually walked up and handed me my package. I asked if he was new out here and he said no and to be honest, he seemed stoned, or maybe just kinda ditzy. I don’t know what kind of screening Amazon does but he was the oddest delivery person I’ve ever seen. Must be cheaper than UPS and FedEx because we’re getting more independent courier deliveries than the big trucks.

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