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Together for 48 hours after 48 months


It was on the second day after I’d joined college I sat in first bench. I couldn’t turn back when to hit him back when Ananth use to pinch my ears from third bench 😀  I was sitting in right corner of the bench so that I can look outside the window (but I didn’t do it, will tell you later why). It was Praveen, Vignesh, Mouli & I were occupying the first bench.

It’s not even the third day after the commencement of college and we started imitating our lecturers who are even yet to know our names. This made everyone in my class to mingle with each other soon. Even a 5 minutes gap after the lecturer leave the class was a pen game time. Two benches will jump in for the Pen game and chalk fight will go on in other side of class in parallel. It was during our HOD’s class hour our class did a mass bunk and went to marina beach and played Kabadi and spent awesome time at beach. As none of us had camera mobile at that time we were able to enjoy the time at beach fully and now I’m sure this post will remind that evening to my friends.


I use to spend most of my weekends at Vignesh house and Praveen’s house and enjoy the home food and spend time playing NFS and by watching movies. It was in Vignesh house that I’d watched three movies continuously and slept when everyone was about to wake up. Sundar, Vignesh and I had watched a thriller (FInal Destination) followed by a ghost movie, all of a sudden there was a sound near our window.. We were absolutely calm and just laughed after few mins… We then watched Mr.Bean’s Holidays to free up mind from ghost thoughts and the clocked 5:30 AM when the movie was over.

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Years passed by and we started getting campus interview at our college. Praveen & Vignesh got placement at Patni in initial few weeks after the campus interview started.  It was almost the last company that we all attended together in our campus and 10 of us got placement in Accenture including me, Praveen & Vignesh. After college was over I moved to my native and waited for the call letter to join and we were asked to join in Bangalore on 19th may.

I was so happy that we three was placed in same location. We have joined and took house for rent in Bangalore, brook field. The initial two months during our training was a thriller duration, because of the frequent test we had during the training. As I was thinking we are going to be together, I got my first project in Pune even though I had responded like below

Caller (Manish): Am I talking to Bhargav?

Me: yes…

Manish: Are you ready to relocate to Pune?

Me: No…

Manish: Are you willing to work in shifts?

Me: No…

Manish: Have you got training on Weblogic, Tuxedo, Database?

Me: No…

Manish: Thank you.

Me: Thank you.

I came back to Vignesh, Praveen & said ‘hey I said no for the relocation’ da 🙂 🙂 So I’m going to be here in Bangalore with you guys. Went home happily after the end of day. As I logged in to the computer the next day in office, the first email that I’d received was ‘You’re hard locked to our project and you manager is this person and you should report in Pune office on June 16’. 😦 I was confused whether all my ‘No’ was heard by Manish as ‘Yes’. But no other go I’d moved to Pune and spent 15 months.

Then I got a chance to come back to Bangalore as my project got over 🙂 I came back again to Bangalore in 2009 and joined with Praveen & Vignesh again. I was so happy to be back again with new room mates Sathish, Ejas, Ashy, Libin & Kenny. After another 15 months everyone got transferred to Chennai and only Libin and I’d remained in Bangalore.

4  years passed since my friends had moved to Chennai & I came to US for a short time a few months back. To my surprise Vignesh’s client location too is 3 hour travel distance from my place 🙂 We’d planned to meet and decided to visit Atlanta to meet Ejas & Ashy. So We’d booked ticket in bus from New York & finally we met after a long time. He came to my house the day before our bus departure and we spent time together after 4 years and all the time until we reached Atlanta was spent talking & laughing. It was after 4 years we got  time to spend 48 hours together & that will sure bring a smile in me when I think about that. 🙂



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  1. I accidentally came across this post while I logged int o G+ after a long time 🙂 Wonderful memories! to cherish…
    good post da 🙂

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