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The Blogger memes that I’d enjoyed laughing.


Just when I was thinking to write about being together and felt like my mind is blank 😀  Checked in Google to see if there is any meme that suits my situation and I didn’t realize I’d spent 30 minutes enjoying various blogger meme 😀

So sharing here few meme which I think will suit other bloggers as well 😀

Yeah! This is is how I’ve started this post 😀


When you’re done blogging and get ready to share it in social media 😀


After all the struggle when some idea hits your mind and when you finally plan to write & all of a sudden your whatsapp groups gets active!!! This is I feel to say (But can’t many times 😛 )


The best ever thought generating position to write a blog 😀 😀


When I visit a place during a trip to enjoy the place & when my friends think I’m observing everything to write, what I actually do? 😉 🙂


When my sis or friend introduces to someone saying ‘He writes blogs’ and the immediate expression from the new person is this for sure 😀


When someone texts us saying read our blog, I’m sure this is how inner mind kindles us to think 😀


Just when you write something good out of blue and don’t hear anything from the loyal readers.. Oh! people!!! Why you no read?? 😀 😀


And yeah! I think so sometimes for my satisfaction 😛 😉


Oh! no… Don’t make me do this now 😀 😀


Author: bhargavkesavan

Blogger, Shutterbug, Software Engineer.

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