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My online shopping experience in United States


Long long ago! So long ago… we had time and we use to visit various streets to buy certain things. Some streets will be special for fresh fruits & vegetables, some streets will be famous for bakery, some for furniture & clothes. Vegetable markets will be open on certain days, in Hosur M.G.R vegetable Market will be open on Wednesdays 20 years ago. I use to go out with my mom after school. As a child I’ve learned bargaining in shops whenever I go out with my parents. But these days, we have almost forgot bargaining as everything is purchased online.

Products by local company were much better in those days than products by a branded manufacturers these days, example: dresses. Deepavali purchase was possible for a family of 4 members within Rs 1000/- which is not enough to buy two shirts these days.

People don’t have time these days to visit multiple places to compare prices and to buy things. Everything is possible from relaxing at home. Many e-commerce websites are providing shopping & deliver services at door step. From groceries, vegetables, clothes & anything you name it came be ordered from home & have many options to compare prices with various brands. There are people like me who look at info in web & visit shops to buy products. Either way, we need good quality product for the amount that we spend.

I could see that there is a difference in online purchase in India & U.S. for certain products. Mattress, Table, Chair, wardrobe anything you order from e-commerce sites in U.S. will be delivered with instructions and we need to assemble it on our own. The mattress which I’ve received in 5 working days (the more you pay, quicker you receive) was interesting while unpacking it, check out this video. Didn’t remember to record the unpacking I’ve done.

It was new for me when I’d ordered a table & chair online, which I’m using now to write this blog.

I took some pics while assembling the Table & Chair. Check out those below.


Instructions sheet




Keeping materials ready which was received in delivered package


Now the assembling work begins.

After assembling!

After assembling!

As the instruction was missing two holes in it’s diagram, it took additional 30 mins to remove some parts and reassemble it!

And now assembling chair.


Author: bhargavkesavan

Blogger, Software Engineer, Presumptive Photographer :D

2 thoughts on “My online shopping experience in United States

  1. Nice blog bhargav, good to know the changes in India & U.S 🙂


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