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Love your Skin

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We’ve heard this proverb many times ‘Face is index of mind’. Face with many emotions, expressions can tell us what does the mind thinks.

A face can hide huge emotions and pretend to express different feeling than the mind actually thinks. Face expressions will attract people more than our words, when the face is neat and clean from any infections our expressions will play a major role in the conversations, But there is something that our face cannot hide, that’s the pimple. When a face has pimple in it, that will cease the show. Pimple will have attention than your face expressions and your words. Our body & it’s flesh is covered by a thin layer called, Skin. Imagine how we would look without skin? Horrible isn’t it?



Skin is a gift, it is our responsibility to safeguard our skin. Most of us give importance only to face, as we see only our face in mirror many times in our life. We forget to give equal importance to skin in other parts of our body. When we buy vegetables and fruits we are so careful whether it’s good or damaged or rotten. We may be able to choose a better apple than a damaged skin apple, but we’ve got only one apple that we can’t throw away, which is our own body.



After buying the fruits & vegetables we safeguard it in cool storage at home to protect it from getting spoiled. It is with same care our own skin should be treated.

Skin being damaged by a Mosquito. Image Credit:

In a day from the time we step out of home, until we reach home, our body has all the possibilities to get polluted by the climate, pollution, insects etc… at the end of day how we treat our skin is what decides how it’ll look the next day & so on. Fresh skin without a decorating cream is most important to keep our skin healthy for a long time.

Bathing in Lukewarm water keeps our skin healthy, while the hot water bath may create dots in our skin in long run. Using natural resources like Lime, neem etc… to maintain our body will be very beneficial. Which is why any company that comes in market can’t launch a product without these natural ingredients.

We buy good quality apples for 200/kg & try to keep it fresh until we eat it, similarly we should keep our body & skin fresh – forever.

It is our body, our skin – Take care. Garnier.

This post is written for Garnier Pure Active Neem contest sponsored by & & hosted by IndiBlogger-Logo-Light-Background-e1350035970796.


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