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Microcosmos – Ice Sculpture


I got an opportunity to witness the making of ice sculptures at my office building. For the first time, I got to see the making of these wonderful art live.

This had happened for two days, I’ve taken few pics and shared it here.

Click on images for better view!

Day 1 (12/15 – Monday)

These pics were taken when the artists were giving shape to the giant ice bergs. It was amazing to see how the ice bergs were getting life in form of the Microcosmos.

Day 2 (12/16 – Tuesday, Morning)

The next day when I reached office. The completed ice sculptures looked wonderful. Every water drop from the slowly melting ice made everyone little worried and made us pray it should stay longer.

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Day 2 (12/16 – Tuesday, Evening)

These microcosmos and the wonderful sculptures looked amazing when it was drizzling at evening.

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