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I can remember from my childhood memories that my parents have always told me to go around places. Since my childhood they have always supported me whenever I said I want to go for a trip. Even at worst financial situation they haven’t said no to me. My mom had always told me to visit as much places as I can, be like my dad who had visited so many places in his childhood. Those words keep me going. Even if not frequently but more often.

There was a time when many places around the nation have become tourist spots and several places were considered to be good for stay only through person to person communication and that is how people recommended others to enjoy the beauty which they had visited. Even an average movie will look good when it’s watched in good ambiance, and a very good movie might not interest when the atmosphere is not comfortable. This holds same for the places as well. One should feel safe. Be at sight seeing or at the place of stay.

There was a time only very few cities and several countries were tourist attracts and that were affordable only by rich. The world is different today. Many countries are trying to be tourists friendly, by leveraging visas, making it easily accessible to others. As you might be aware that India is providing online tourist visas to 45+ countries and first phase of countries have been announced for this. Being tourists friendly many countries are encouraging people to visit their nation and admire the beauty of nature in their homeland.

Visa has become tourist friendly. What else is left out? Flight ticket, accommodation!! A major role in visiting places which is depended on the wallet! Today a common man can afford to go around places, as several airlines provides discounts at affordable price. There are many websites which helps us in finding right place to stay; which are safe and affordable as we know that accommodation plays main role in keeping our mind relaxed to enjoy the place of visit by making sure that the price is affordable, and safe for the luggage.

When I thought what are the places that I want to visit! I’d visited Airbnb and discovered that there are 190+ countries and 34,000 cities! More over, the accommodation are not what I thought it would look like. Airbnb has accommodation that would make one to stay there forever. It has beautiful accommodation across all countries. I’d created my wishlist to visit places and especially the accommodation.

Visit my wish list and discover more for you :). Don’t forget to visit my Referral link, as you get rewards for your every bookings.

Here is my wishlist (Click on the link :)). What’s on your list? :)

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