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Drive Safely – for you and for others.

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When I read about this topic to write, I had received the below video in whatsapp from a friend. I was surprised when I watched this video, it’s very rare in our roads for this sequence of accidents occurs. Luckily there seems to be no life loss in this accident.

When I got a chance to speak with a driver of one of the private bus transport bus and asked about why do they drive do fast and whats the necessary for driving so fast, I was shocked by what he said. He said that any vehicle when it overtakes the travels bus, they wont slow down until they chase that vehicle and overtake it again. It seems that it would reduce fame of their travels unless they overtake the vehicle which over takes them.

Doesn’t this sound nonsense? Travels risking their passengers life for their fame? Fame lies in the quality of service & how safe the passengers are dropped at destinations and not in the speed.

Everyone has their own belief by keeping so many gods photos, hangouts inside cars, even outside car (Lemon), but at the end what is going to save our life is how much safety measures we are taking. How much precautions we are taking to avoid accidents for self and for others. Many of us doesn’t have a black sticker in center of headlight to avoid irritation to those who comes in opposite direction.

When we expect others to drive with low beam it is important for us to follow the same, We watch a lot of hollywood movies but we fail to see the rules they follow. If you could remember the movie Transporter, Jason Statham would insist rules for car in all three parts of the movie series.

A driver wears seat belt as soon as boards the car, it is as important for the passenger to wear the same. In Bangalore and in few other cities people wear seat belt when police is 100/200 meters away and they think they wear it to avoid a few 100 rupees fine. But fail to understand that they wear it to save their own life and the invaluable life of their loved ones.

Some people drive too fast having a reason that driving fast would save petrol/diesel!! Really? Saving petrol/diesel is so important than saving your own life and those depending on you? You should probably rethink it.

Every one is insisting on the safety measures just to see us being safe. Keeping us safe is going to save others safe as well.  Drive safely – for you & for others, reach home by yourselves & make others reach their home by themselves. (think about it how & let me know in comments!).

The safe habit – A safety awareness by Nissan India explains it all with safety awareness images

Nissan India is committed in creating awareness about the safety and cautions needed on roads. Please read more about NISSAN SAFETY DRIVING FORUM (NSDF) here

This post is written for Safety driving promotion activities headed by Nissan India (The Nissan Safety Driving Forum) hosted by IndiBlogger-Logo-Light-Background-e1350035970796


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