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The Power of Voice

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When I was scrolling down in my Facebook wall last week, I came across a post by some person who had elaborated about an issue that he had faced recently. He had written a four paragraph description about the problem he had faced with the car service center and about his experience with the customer support response he got.

People now a days are very sure about one thing, if they face any issue/problem they take it to Facebook instead of the proper authorities. It is of course going to being an awareness among others, but what about the solution to the problem? When you take your problem to Facebook, it will for sure reach thousands of people, but will it get you the result or the solution you are expecting?

How will a problem get a solution when it is not taken up to the concerned authorities? How will authorities know about an issue without we speak up? Authorities are ready to listen, but we need to speak. We should get ready to speak up for ourselves. Only when we speak for ourselves, we can get ready to speak for others. Your problem will not longer be your problem when you speak up. There are many others who are keeping silent and expecting a start.

When someone raises a complaint against a customer support, others who are affected but are keeping quiet will get a feeling that there are some others like them who are facing the same issue and they will come forward with their concerns and so on and on… At the end all of them who had faced the issue would have come out speaking for themselves.

As I’d mentioned above, When I was scrolling down in my Facebook wall last week, I came across a post by some person who had elaborated about an issue. After seeing the images and his comments on his post, I’d contacted Bangalore city Commissioner through his Facebook page, As I’d read about City Commissioner and about his activeness on his Facebook page, I’d tried to keep him informed about the complaint which was elaborated by this person, I got response within few hours on the same day. Of course, the article was true that I’d read about city commissioner.


Screen shot from “The Logical Indian” facebook page.



This response assured one thing, authorities are ready to listen to us, it’s with us to speak for ourselves & speak for others. It wont work anymore by keeping your silence. Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega

Watch this awareness campaign #AbMountuBolege video and check out the Facebook & Twitter (Links below)

This post is written for #AbMontuBolega campaign by Strepsils hosted by IndiBlogger-Logo-Light-Background-e1350035970796

Strepsils gives a healthy voice to speak up. You can know more about Strepsils and their initiative at their Facebook and Twitter page.


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