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A Healthy child makes a home Happy!

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As we say in Tamil ‘Panja Boodham’ which are land,water, air, sky, fire that are essential for everyone. When one of this does its job more than expected, we end up with Earthquake, Flood, Storm, Volcano & much more natural calamities.

Similarly the other major essential component to ones life is Food. Since a life is born and until the last breath, food plays an important role in everyone’s life. And that’s what makes one healthier. When food is taken more than required we end up with obesity, laziness and much more ‘health calamities’.

If we question when does the health calamity starts, we end up where we started eating food as a child. A child is fed by their parents as per it’s likes now a days. As parents it’s their responsibilities to fed child with healthy food than tasty food. I remember the day when my mom prepared bitter-guard and gave it for me during dinner, I said no. And she explained the benefits of bitter-guard the way it needs to be conveyed to a kid. Same approach followed for any vegetable for which I’d said no. And I never said no again!

It’s the parents responsibility to hold a grip on their children in their food consumption. Especially with the junk foods. Chocolates, Chat foods, packed food items, Tin products, Cold drinks that attracts children in a large number are the major threat to them. We have never seen a 2nd standard child with more fats and obesity. But now a days it’s increasing year by year.

This is 7 years back! Imagine what would be the increase rate now!

This is 7 years back! Imagine what would be the increase rate now! PC: Centers for Disease control and prevention

International food products in India are increasing day by day and the govt approves most of them without complete check on the health hazards that could be caused by the products. The advertisements of new products by our favorite actors/actress makes us feel guilty if you don’t buy them all. Be it any soft drinks or a chips, be it pizza or burger. People go behind them thinking that saves your time in preparing food, but forget to notice that the children are watching… younger generation are getting used to it when we consume it on regular basis.

A child would never know how fat it can grow, but you know it well. Teach your kids the importance of health instead of threatening them.

A child would never know how fat it can grow, but you know it well. Teach your kids the importance of health instead of threatening them. PC:

A kid in my neighborhood eats more lays, Cheetos and chocolates than the food prepared at home. Which resulted in decayed tooth in less than age 7.  Now their parents are worried about their child’s health. Whose fault is this in making the kid resulting in poor health at this young age? The Kid’s or the parents?


This applies to children in every country. PC: Georgia Ad Campaign

One of my colleague use to get chocolates frequently to office. I asked him why are you bringing chocolates to office regularly and are your two sons not eating it? – I was surprised by what he said.

He said his sons doesn’t like chocolates and they don’t even bother to touch it. His face was filled with happiness when he said this. A similar instance when my colleague said he son didn’t drink Coke or any soft drinks until his age 14. I asked her so he started drinking after age 14? – She said he asked me once whether he can drink coke, when he took a sip his face expression changed ‘buvaaaah’ and that’s the last time he ever tasted a soft drinks. She had a big smile when she said that.

This happiness had too many things to say. They are no more worried about their kids health as they have grown up enough to the practice of not eating Chocolates or soft drinks,

There has been a very big debate in foreign countries about the junk foods and soft drinks as they see children of their country and grown up people too have resulted in overweight which is now spreading across UAE, UK and other countries.

Our nation is not highly affected by this yet, it’s increasing day by day because of the junk food advertisements. Parents allow their kids to have food outside (without their presence) without much bothered to notice what kind of foods their children are eating.


PC: hispanicallyspeakingnews

Children are having more deficiencies now a days and all kind of diseases are affecting kids because of lack of immunity. The sugar content from all kind of junks including chocolates and soft drinks make them to be a diabetic person at the young age.

All this results in the happiness of the kids home like they have lost something valuable. Yes, of course they lost the more valuable part of life.. Health! You can get your child anything they want… but not their Health.

Feed your children with healthy food and feed yourself the happiness through your health. Always remember A healthy child makes a home happy.

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