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For a first time I’ve navigated to after I came across this topic at IndiBlogger!

When i opened this site, the below picture said it all! And the clouds made it clear what was on my Mind!



It’s all about wonderful experiences about wonderful people at this wonderful ‘connect’ site!

As it’s a connect site, they wanted to connect me through my Facebook profile login and that’s the only gateway to this site.

After I’d logged in, i was able to write my road trip experiences and long drive experiences 🙂 And more over I was able to read so many others experiences.

I came to know about more places and routes that was posted by others which was very helpful in planning for a future trip!

Though CarConnect site needs some improvements like additional login gateways and uploading images in same area where we write our experience other than uploading it separately, I’m sure it’ll be taken into consideration and will look great in near future!

Just visit this site once and you can spend more time in here and read about others trip experiences and who knows? That might influence you to plan for a trip and write about your trip experience as well 🙂

Go on! Get connected with many others @


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