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Moto g and my voice.


I was watching a movie ‘her’ today morning and the very first 15 minutes of the movie gave me a pinch. I thought  that i should write a blog without I have to type. And so is this post.

I’m posting this just to explain how my voice command in my moto g works. I have repeated several words during this post, most of the time it recognised greatly.

I never thought blogging will be so easy using my new mobile. You might not find travelogue or fictional story in this post.  But this post gave me hope that blogging can be easily done through voice.

My new moto g works like a charm.  This changes my perception on smart mobile phone . It is so easy to publish a post through voice command.

Many bloggers may have used this features already , but this is the first time i am publishing a post using my voice.

Mobile features in moto g for its price is really great. I have repeated several punctuations  while voicing this post .
I am not going to talk about the rest of the features of this mobile as am not doing a campaign for mobile,  hahaha. but i wanted to make a post after watching this movie just to express my happiness of using a new way of blogging. Thanks, if you have read this post fully.

Watch this space for more. Some of my  travelogue are on the way.


Moto g, you are awesome


Author: bhargavkesavan

Blogger, Shutterbug, Software Engineer.

2 thoughts on “Moto g and my voice.

  1. yeah I read this post nalla keethu athaane matteru!! apram technology develop aaayidichinra..serithaanpa 🙂


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