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Udupi & Kaup Beach


It was raining heavily when I started from Hosur. But there was no sign of rain when I entered Karnataka border from Hosur. :)

My bus to Udupi was from Bangalore Majestic Bustand. Bus started precisely at 9.15 with half fulled seats and I liked the empty seat next to me. Of course everybody likes to have an empty seat next to them in this summer! The best part about summer is no fellow passengers would force you to close your window :) Enjoyed reading Ulaga Cinema with windows open!

As the occasion was my friend Ashwin’s wedding, I asked him where to get down and the place was Kaup! (Pronounced as Kapu) It’s famous for it’s splendid scenic beach with an 113 year old Light house. Kaup is located 40 Kms from Mangalore and 13 Kms before Udupi.

As there were 3 hours time for my other friends to reach Mangalore from Chennai, I’d planned to Visit Krishna temple at Udupi. The hotel my friend had booked for us  (Hotel Mayura) was just 50 meters from Kapu bus stop and was very convenient for going around places.

As I went to catch a bus to Udupi, An Omni van stopped by and the driver called in people for Udupi & Manipal. I got in and was chatting with the driver until I reached Udupi, he was his way to Shimoga. In next 20 minutes I’d reached Udupi. Walked for 5 minutes from the main road I’d reached the temple. Another reason I chose to visit the temple is that it’ll be less crowded before 8 & for the obvious reason for the calmness at early hours.

There was no proper routing at temple, just like that everyone was wandering around places and the first time visitors like me were looking around places trying to figure out where to start! I asked the shopkeepers inside the temple about the water tap to wash my legs, there isn’t a place for washing legs, but there were some taps at Koshala, I used it for my purpose.

Moved further and asked a person at donation counter (thinking he shouldn’t ask for a donation for guiding me :)) and he didn’t. He showed the queue that leads to worship of Lord Krishna. As soon as I stood in the queue a security gestured to remove shiirt to a fellow who was standing ahead of me, I realized it’s a Kerala type temple and gents need to remove shirt for darisanam (darshan).

It took less than 15 minutes for the darisanam (darshan) the idol was similar to Guruvayur temple and we can witness the idol only through a golden framed window. Darisanam was good. Wandered around temple for a while and bought a small idol made in stone for Rs 60. There were many mutts in the surroundings.

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As I’ve seen several Udupi hotels in Bangalore and in Chennai, I had already planned to have breakfast in Udupi. Looked around places and the roads were deserted. Only a countable shops were open in the streets. Asked two florists for hotel and they were kind enough to guide me.  Had breakfast at Hotel Krishna & it was just OK. Got my bus to Kapu and reached Hotel in 30 mins.

As expected my friends from Chennai had reached by this time and I’d breakfast with them again :) After a good nap it was our play time! Got an auto to beach, though it was just 2 kms opposite to our hotel, the climate didn’t welcome us to walk! Started around 3.45 to beach, auto charged Rs 30 and strictly 3 members/auto!

On the way we could see the gigantic light house through the gaps between coconut trees. Just in 5 mins we’d reached the beach and ready to run to the water. But Amul Ice cream hoardings stopped for few mins. :) Headed towards the beach and it was spectacular. Coconut trees and other trees keeping one side of the beach green and other side was the beach with rocks around. There stood the 27 meters gigantic, 113 years old lighthouse. Was very happy and confused which side to go first as I wanted to enter beach & visit light house at same time :)

Kapu Beach

Kapu Beach

Started playing in the beach with Nungu. Played for sometime and then wanted to visit Lighthouse, It was closed, asked a Kulfi wala and he said it’ll open at 5 o clock. As there were some more time to 5, we started playing again. Waited for the clock to tick 5 and climbed up the steps. Oh no…! It’s 5.20 and it’s still closed, However we went around the light house clockwise, the scene was fantastic! Open water everywhere and some fishermen boats in the shore and trees everywhere, as we proceeded towards the entrance of the lighthouse to climb down the stairs, my mind was full of worries about missing the  chance to visit light house. It’s at this time one of my friend said ‘Dai… It’s open’… My face full of smile :) :).

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Entrance ticket Rs 10 and Rs 20 per camera. It’s the first time I’d visited a lighthouse. Climbed every steps in the spiral stairs with full of excitement the last 20 steps were just 2 inches reminded me the sabarimala iyappan 18 steps (Which I never visited so far). Climbed all steps! Reached the top… Wonderful moment! Wind blowing like no one is there to question him and the panoramic view of the trees, sand, rocks and the sea with fantastic waves was just awesome!  We could able to see few kilometers straight with green color at left side, white at middle and orange at right side (it was sunset), naturally formed tri-color. :)

When I looked down from the top I could see only heads! We were scared to lean on the handle bar to even pose for photos. Slowly moved on and came around the top of  lighthouse,  Spent sometime more and climbed down with never want to climb down mood.

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Udupi and Kapu was a wonderful memory, Thanks to my friend Ashwin because of his wedding I visited this place now else I never know when my plan would have come true :)



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  1. good one Bhargav 🙂 but looks like blog ended mid way.


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