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The power of Web – Artist to Businessman


India is known for it’s richness in everything. Health, Wealth, Natural Resources, Talents among our people. It was all enjoyed by every one of us – Once upon a time! As and when time passed by admired by our richness every other nation Dutch, French, Mugals, British invaded our country and looted the wealth. Ruled us for 20 decades. What they could take with them was our country’s wealth; gold, diamond, gem, coral, emerald and so on. What they couldn’t take away with them was our peoples talent.

India has a very rich talented culture in different forms across our country. Every state is famous for some unique talent. Thalaiyatti Bommai in Thanjavur (Tanjore), Hand looms in Kanchipuram, Copper Vessels in Kumbakkonam, and much more in different places and Pattachitra in Odhisha.

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How beautiful these things look once they get their final shape? But behind all this beautiful arts lies the much hard work of the creator who dedicates their complete time and concentration for days and weeks to complete a art. Among their personal commitments they spend a much time in shaping their crafts through the art of concentration. It takes 45 days for a weaver to weave a pavvu (A pavvu will make 3 sarees), it takes several days for an artist to complete a Pattachitra at Raghurajpur. Depending upon the intense of art it might even take 15 days to complete some paintings.

The painting the ‘Pattachitra’ resemble the old murals of Odisha especially religious centers of Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar region, dating back to the 5th century BC. The best work is found in and around Puri, especially in the village of Raghurajpur.

In those old days (even in 1980-90s) there were very few streets in a town and every artist will bring their crafts, arts to every street and display it during Oor Thiruvizha and Ther Thiruvizha (Local Festival and Car Festival) sell it and people use to buy it at a reasonable price bargaining directly to the makers.

As the towns are expanded and cities are gone way beyond the limits and life started to be very busy in commuting from home to office and vice versa, there is no time for people to go around places to encourage the arts and crafts. Though people are ready to buy it for a good price, the real makers and creators of the arts & crafts are not easily reachable like those old days. This is the period where number of middlemen raised in the name of Showroom and Galleries. Though the products that they sell are genuine from the makers, the price they sell to common men is many folds higher than the price they have actually paid to the makers. For example they buy a painting for Rs.5000 and sell it for Rs.20,000/- There are good hearts to purchase it for the time and talent the artist had spent on it, but the value (Purchasing amount) is not reaching the real talents but the middlemen and the artists are not encouraged.

This is world of web. Let the makers of the paintings come to you directly, not just to your doorstep like those olden days, but 30 inches before you! Yes, to your computer screen. The web is what is required for the creators now to skip the middlemen who fishes from an aquarium without any hardwork where the fishes have been caught by the real hard workers devoting their time and family.

The legendary actor M.R.Radha said in one of his film Kalai – Manithanaga pirantha ovvoruvarum alli alli paruga vendiya amirtham. (Art – It’s a sacred drink that every one who are born as a human being has to drink.) This art should reach everyone at their computer screen through the web.

A similar talented paintings that was in dying state has got it’s life to a great place by the power of web, let the below video inspire the artists at Raghurajpur and turn them from Artist to Businessman.

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