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Shorts, Coolers & Floaters

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“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”
― G.K. Chesterton

With all my curiosity, along with my 6 friends; I would want to make a successful trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

As soon as the destination was decided, we first logged in to our cheap & best travel partner site Skyscanner & looked for the best deals. We then booked a our flight tickets at a best price.

Being a software professionals from different locations we wanted this trip to be a best memorable and fine get together for us.

As this is our first trip to a place which is outside India Map but within Indian Territory (Did I made my point here :) ) we all are little excited!

Now the challenge is to decide the places we need to visit there and book the necessary things in advance.

To make this happen, we have to communicate on daily/regular basis! As we’re at different locations and working in different shifts, connecting through call or through email would be little crucial.

One of my friends at this point had created a group in Whatsapp and that was a very good idea! With smartphones in everyone this was a smart idea as anyone at anytime can have access to our own mobile!


Applying what he had learnt at corporate, Mohan assigned a task to everyone to keep them engaged in our Whatsapp group and now everyone had a task to to.

Upon deciding the places to visit, each one of us took a task varying from booking ferry, room, diving & snorkeling & cabs started following up with the respective places at Andaman through phone and emails & got everything done a week before our travel.

As we saved money since a few months before our travel  each were able transfer money to others who were handling  their booking tasks. Almost every bookings are complete .

Our checklist had Playing cards, Frisbee too along with Dettol & other necessary items.


Now a three days to our flight, One of my friends almost fainted when his group chat popped up our final checklist message that was not part of his budget earlier… When we haven’t bought these things already, the message read “Hope you all have already bought Swim Shorts, Coolers & Floaters” :)

This post is written for a contest hosted by Skyscanner in association with Indiblogger



Author: bhargavkesavan

Blogger, Software Engineer, Presumptive Photographer :D

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