Travelogue, Nostalgic memories and more…

This is it


Winning is…

Making a crying baby asleep…

Gaining trust of my parents that I’ll take care of them…

Spending time with friends and feeling refreshed after being alone…

Agreeing to a ‘near reach’ run-out without fighting with friends during weekend cricket…

Greeting a stranger with a smile and getting it back some other day from another stranger…

Giving a proper change to bus conductor at early morning…

Getting pass mark in a subject which I never wrote well, with more surprise left in mind how it happened so 🙂

And finally Winning is, getting a handsome of comments from readers to a beginner’s blog 🙂


This post is written for contest by the India Today Group in association with IndiBlogger.


Author: bhargavkesavan

Blogger, Shutterbug, Software Engineer.

4 thoughts on “This is it

  1. Nice entry 🙂 Relevant Winning moments here. Your photo on the India Today cover is supercool!
    Best wishes for the contest 🙂


  2. pls. consider this as a handsome comment!!

    P.S. – asking for a comment to ur work is ok but telling us to enter details lyk our name,mail id is paining!! LOL


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